Salesforce Certifications

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Sharif Shaalan

Meet Sharif Shaalan, roundCorner’s Technical Architect Manager, pictured above enjoying Egypt with his daughter. In his six year tenure with roundCorner, Sharif has worn many hats on both the product and services side, acquiring 7 Certifications and earning the title … Read More

Building a strong and passionate team

Building a Strong and Passionate Team

Nowadays, companies are more than just workplaces where employees come in to do work between 9 and 5. They are communities, families if you will; each with its own unique culture, habits and customs. Here at roundCorner, we shape our … Read More

Stephanie Buckwalter

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Stephanie Buckwalter

By Stephanie Buckwalter I fell into my first job and my career by chance. In 2007, as a recent college graduate, I thought I knew what I wanted to be. I planned campus events throughout college and was sure that … Read More

KC Huang

Behind The Scenes at roundCorner: KC Huang

By KC Huang I always liked puzzles and Legos as a kid. Although I never exactly knew what I wanted to do when I would grow up, I did know that if I did something as fun and rewarding as … Read More

Dale Craker

Behind The Scenes at roundCorner: Dale Craker

By Dale Craker Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai’i! I love the things that everyone pictures when they think of Hawaii, like sunny weather year-round and white sand beaches. But the island offers so much more than that. The … Read More

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Carlos Gallardo

If you were to ask anyone at roundCorner about our Data Migration Specialist, Carlos Gallardo, the first word that would likely come to his or her minds would be “passionate”. Carlos loves all things roundCorner and Salesforce, so I was … Read More

Julia Cannon

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Julia Cannon

by Julia Cannon “So how did I get into tech? Probably the most convoluted and unexpected way possible… I don’t have a degree in Computer Science or anything technical like that. The only computer skills training I had was in … Read More

Idealist Consulting Q&A with roundCorner’s Dan Lammot

  Our good friends at Idealist Consulting are notorious for being great at asking the tough questions. When they asked us to sit down for an interview, we jumped at the chance and sent Dan Lammot, roundCorner President and Founder … Read More