Challenge #1: You Are Working with Disparate Systems

The foundationConnect Difference:
foundationConnect empowers you with a platform to manage the grantmaking lifecycle from start to finish and beyond. Where outdated, disparate systems fail to communicate to one another, our solution stores everything in one easy-to-use platform so you can instantly find and share information on the go. It has the power to streamline any business process you can imagine, increasing staff efficiency.

Challenge #2: Everything You Do Is a Manual Process

The foundationConnect Difference:
Manual processes take up a big chunk of your time, preventing you from focusing on what truly matters. foundationConnect lets you automate entire workflows, including setting up reminders, so you can work more efficiently and reduce unnecessary human errors that often come with manual workflows.

Challenge #3: You Are Dependent on Vendors

The foundationConnect Difference:
Many of our customers have used grantmaking systems that didn’t give them the level of independency necessary for efficiently managing day-to-day operations. Many systems are non-customizable, keeping foundations dependent on vendors to build enhancements. foundationConnect allows for increased independence and self-sufficiency by enabling you to easily customize layouts and fields yourself. No more additional costs and no more waiting for vendors.

Challenge #4: You Are Unable to Measure Impact

The foundationConnect Difference:
Reporting inconsistencies is a problem we often hear prospects speak about. How can you make informed decisions in the future when you are unable to measure impact now? We understand that your organization is unique, and standard reports and dashboards will only do so much for you. foundationConnect lets you utilize reports and dashboards in a way that works best for your foundation. You can even schedule and automate the distribution of custom reports to staff, relieving the team from manual distribution.

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