Based on our experience helping customers move from MicroEdge GIFTS to foundationConnect, we wanted to share some of the top reasons why organizations decide to make the move.

Tired of a Complex Interface To Manage The Database

The MicroEdge GIFTS database and user interface have a reputation for being complex.

foundationConnect’s easy-to-use interface enables you to manage the product in-house. Adopting the Salesforce model of “click not code,” the product is approachable for your system administrators even if they don’t have a technology background.

Tired of a Paying the Vendor to Make Changes

Making changes in the system often require vendor assistance, translating into costs – both in dollars and employee or consultant resources.

foundationConnect’s design enables everyday maintenance and enhancement to be done by members of your team without vendor costs or involvement.

Tired of Costly Customization

All organizations change over time as their needs and plans evolve. To accommodate this growth, you need a system that can scale with you. If you would like to get any custom capabilities built in MicroEdge GIFTS, you need the vendor’s team to build these new features for you.

foundationConnect customers take advantage of the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem to ensure a sustainable and flexible product choice. We also benefit from investment and support from to deliver new innovative features. As a result, we release new versions of foundationConnect several times a year to deliver the innovation foundations need.

Tired of Silo IT

The MicroEdge GIFTS platform is a silo as it only offers grant management capabilities. Integration is hard and expensive with hefty fees for API access. Hence, your organization’s systems will always be disconnected, making your data and reports unreliable.

Built on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, foundationConnect offers your foundation the option to house your grants management, ERP, HR, communication, and more in one platform. Have the tools to share data across groups, increase collaboration, but most of all, get a handle on the holistic performance of your organization.

To compare your MicroEdge GIFTS functionality to foundationConnect, please contact us here.

To learn more about foundationConnect implementations, please review these helpful links to case studies & guides to selecting a grants management system from some of our implementation partners:

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