By Kenneth Allen

Today roundCorner announces the Advancement Connect Fall ‘17 release! We’re excited to introduce you to the latest enhancements, but most of all, we’re thrilled to announce that Advancement Connect is Lightning Ready.

Highlights of the Fall ‘17 Release

With dozens of improvements and fully supported use of Salesforce Lightning, Advancement Connect makes fundraising easier than ever before for higher education institutions.

We Are Lightning Ready!

Back in August, Advancement Connect passed Salesforce’s Lightning Ready assessment and qualified as a Lightning Ready application. Today, these upgrades are packaged and ready to be enabled in your orgs.

Advancement Connect in Lightning is more than just a user interface improvement. It also drives improvements in productivity through its modern, intelligent and visual approach to functionality, giving staff across your organization the tools they need to more efficiently engage donors and raise more funds for your institution.  

Work More Efficiently With Greater Control

The Advancement Connect Fall ‘17 release also introduces greater control for Development staff in some of the most important areas of the application.

For example, the Relationship Visualizer offers new ways to help you better understand your supporters’ sphere of influence and connectedness. Simple and easy-to-use check boxes let you determine the amount and types of data displayed, showing you a more powerful representation of your supporters’ network so you can more efficiently leverage it for a greater good.

Going forward, Volunteer Management staff have greater control over the data they use when reaching out to volunteers. Data from custom fields in Advancement Connect can now be accessed directly from the Contact record, empowering you to send a more personalized message that resonates with the volunteer on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Handle Payments More Promptly

Identifying a constituent’s payment method is now easier than ever in Advancement Connect. By retaining the last four digits of a donor’s account number, Customer Support and Data Entry staff can more easily and promptly locate the right payment method, for example when a donor calls in to make a donation. This ensures you can service your donors in a timely manner.

Experience Greater Flexibility

The Advancement Connect Fall ‘17 Release brings improvement to the rollup and management of communication methods linked to donors. Advancement Connect no longer requires a communication method for each contact, allowing Back Office staff to leave this field blank if desired.

Follow Through on Action Plans More Effectively

We heard you: you love Action Plans in Advancement Connect. That is why enhancements to this feature continues to be top of mind for us. With the Advancement Connect Fall ‘17 Release, we’ve improved the ways Development Officers experience and use action plans, so teams can more effectively follow through and achieve their goals.


We understand the importance of documentation and, as an ongoing effort, continue to expand assets for you to access. When you are ready to experiment with Advancement Connect in Lightning, the updated Admin Guide is there to guide you through the process.


To promote trust and ensure that our application follows industry best practices for security, roundCorner has submitted Advancement Connect for the mandatory periodic security review.

Learn more

Interested to see a live demonstration of the Advancement Connect Fall ‘17 release? Reach out to marketing@roundcorner.com and we’ll send you the link to sign up for the webinar on December 18. For detailed information about the Fall ‘17 release, we encourage you to explore the release notes.

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