Exploring Roll-Up Solutions, Part 2: Rollup Helper & DLRS

By Carlos Gallardo Last month, we went over the advantages of using roll-up summary fields in Salesforce. Roll-up summary fields are a great tool for streamlining your data reports. This time, we’ll cover two solutions on the Salesforce App Exchange … Read More

Hard Truth on Soft Credits

The Hard Truth on Soft Credits

By Rubin Singh I’ve always had a soft spot for soft credits. Soft credits are a truly powerful way to uncover fundraising insights that otherwise go unnoticed. Take this scenario for example–you have a donor who makes a $50 per … Read More

foundationConnect partner

3 Ways to Maintain Expertise on foundationConnect as a Partner

By roundCorner and Sputnik Moment roundCorner is constantly evolving products like foundationConnect to reflect the needs in the marketplace. With multiple updates each year, such as the recent Winter ‘17 Release, products like foundationConnect are able to stay ahead of … Read More

PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference

foundationConnect Celebrates Growth, New Partnerships at PEAK Grantmaking Annual Conference 2017

Los Angeles, Ca. – March 20, 2017 – foundationConnect, a Salesforce-based grants management solution (GMS), celebrates over 25 percent growth in implementations in 2016. As of March 2017, over 100 grant making foundations use the solution that is natively built … Read More


4 Reasons Why Your Foundation Should Manage Grants with a Whole Organization Solution

By roundCorner and Exponent Partners As foundations expand in size and scope, siloed legacy systems become increasingly ineffective for grants management. Accordingly, we find that more foundations are placing their trust in whole organization platforms to handle their processes around … Read More

Salesforce Roll-Up Solutions

Exploring Roll-Up Solutions, Part 1: Inside Salesforce’s Standard Functionality

By Carlos Gallardo   Why Not Roll-Up? As an admin at your nonprofit or institution, you want to make processes around CRM and fundraising efficient as possible. When you optimize your tools, your organization can achieve quicker access to the … Read More

Advancement Connect Winter '17 Release

Advancement Connect Winter ’17 Release Is Live!

By Beverly Bain Today, roundCorner announces the Advancement Connect Winter ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new features and improvements, so you have the tools to continue to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your alumni and … Read More

NGO Connect Winter '17 Release

NGO Connect Winter ’17 Release Is Live!

By Kenneth Allen and Mike Best Today, roundCorner announces the NGO Connect Winter ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new features and improvements, so you have the tools to continue to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with … Read More

foundationConnect Winter '17 Release

foundationConnect Winter ’17 Release Is Live!

By Julia Cannon Today roundCorner announces the foundationConnect Winter ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new features and improvements to foundationConnect, so you feel empowered to build deeper relationships with your grantees and improve collaboration across your … Read More


What’s Your Constituent’s Mission in Life?

In today’s digital age, nonprofits are held to a higher standard by the constituent, largely as a result of the increasing transparency of this connected world. One thing this world enabled people to do is to fulfill a basic psychological … Read More

Connecting the Dots: rC Clients and The Rise in Giving

At roundCorner, we pride ourselves on the causes we have the privilege to serve. As we kicked off 2017, we took stock of the progress we’ve made over the past several years. We asked ourselves why and how we’ve been able … Read More

Salesforce Certifications

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Sharif Shaalan

Meet Sharif Shaalan, roundCorner’s Technical Architect Manager, pictured above enjoying Egypt with his daughter. In his six year tenure with roundCorner, Sharif has worn many hats on both the product and services side, acquiring 7 Certifications and earning the title … Read More

User Adoption

Tips for User Adoption

By Stephanie Buckwalter As important as building a system that captures your data in a meaningful way, is ensuring that staff are entering the data. User adoption is often the last hurdle that can significantly affect the outcome of your … Read More

Salesforce vs. SQL

Salesforce vs. SQL Solutions: a Primer

By Gabriel Csanalosi Salesforce is an excellent platform for managing, updating, and reporting data that lives in the cloud. Their ‘No Software’ slogan is a testament of their commitment to making an extensible solution. It requires only a browser to … Read More

Event management

Driving Results With roundCorner’s Event Management

By Mike Best Many of our clients rely on events to drive fundraising throughout the year, often with an auction or gala. While we built NGO Connect and Advancement Connect to focus on fundraising and constituent relationship management, roundCorner recognized … Read More

Millennials for Nonprofit Success

Millennials for Nonprofit Success

Every generation is misunderstood in one way or another. However, few have received as much negative backlash as millennials have. Generation Y is often thought of as narcissistic, lazy and entitled. But simultaneously, they have a desire to make a … Read More

Building a strong and passionate team

Building a Strong and Passionate Team

Nowadays, companies are more than just workplaces where employees come in to do work between 9 and 5. They are communities, families if you will; each with its own unique culture, habits and customs. Here at roundCorner, we shape our … Read More

Happy Holidays From Your Friends at roundCorner

Best wishes for the holiday season and the new year from all of us!

Stephanie Buckwalter

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Stephanie Buckwalter

By Stephanie Buckwalter I fell into my first job and my career by chance. In 2007, as a recent college graduate, I thought I knew what I wanted to be. I planned campus events throughout college and was sure that … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from roundCorner!

Thanksgiving is a special time to be thankful for our health, loved ones, and the communities around us. From all of your friends at roundCorner, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


roundData News from The roundCorner Team

By Kendra Carter The roundCorner team is excited to announce an important product upgrade to our archival functionality. We will be releasing this upgrade early December. Current customers know that archiving older data from the Salesforce environment into the roundData … Read More

Grant making

Adapting Grant Making for the Changing Role of Outcomes

By Julia Cannon A recent blog post by the Stanford Social Innovation Review talks about how putting grantees at the center of foundations helps provide the support that nonprofits need to be successful. The writer also says that to stay … Read More

KC Huang

Behind The Scenes at roundCorner: KC Huang

By KC Huang I always liked puzzles and Legos as a kid. Although I never exactly knew what I wanted to do when I would grow up, I did know that if I did something as fun and rewarding as … Read More

Education Technology

The Evolution of Education Technology

By Wendy Davis I began my career in education technology in the late 1990s when ERPs were all the rage. Advancement systems in an ERP suite were frequently not the strongest solution in the offering, but the promise of integration … Read More

Dale Craker

Behind The Scenes at roundCorner: Dale Craker

By Dale Craker Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai’i! I love the things that everyone pictures when they think of Hawaii, like sunny weather year-round and white sand beaches. But the island offers so much more than that. The … Read More

The Salvation Army, Western USA Territory, Selects roundCorner’s NGO Connect for Next-Generation CRM and Fundraising

PHILADELPHIA, October 3, 2016 – The Salvation Army, Western USA Territory, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the USA, has selected roundCorner’s NGO Connect as its next-generation CRM and fundraising solution. After an extensive selection process, The Salvation Army, … Read More

Partner Innovation Award

roundCorner Wins Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award

By roundCorner roundCorner is proud to announce that we are a winner of the Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award in the nonprofit category. The recognition for our work with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is greatly appreciated by the entire … Read More

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Carlos Gallardo

If you were to ask anyone at roundCorner about our Data Migration Specialist, Carlos Gallardo, the first word that would likely come to his or her minds would be “passionate”. Carlos loves all things roundCorner and Salesforce, so I was … Read More

Using Contacts to Multiple Accounts with NGO Connect

By Thomas Taylor A user recently reached out via the Power of Us Hub to ask if the new “Associate a Contact to Multiple Accounts” feature, part of the Summer ‘16 Salesforce release, would work with NGO Connect. Salesforce customers, … Read More

Social media

4 Nonprofits and Their Innovative Social Media Approaches

Disclaimer: the organizations’ social media approaches in this blog post were independently reviewed by roundCorner. roundCorner does not claim to have a relationship with these organizations. According to Time Magazine, more than 3 billion people in the world have access … Read More

Why Should Your Nonprofit Attend Dreamforce ’16?

With over 7,000 nonprofits in attendance last year, Dreamforce is THE largest nonprofit technology conference in the world. Not only does Dreamforce give nonprofits opportunities to learn about new technology; you’ll also learn how it can help you fulfill your … Read More

Julia Cannon

Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Julia Cannon

by Julia Cannon “So how did I get into tech? Probably the most convoluted and unexpected way possible… I don’t have a degree in Computer Science or anything technical like that. The only computer skills training I had was in … Read More

Highlights: NGO Connect Summer ‘16 Release

By Swati Tyagi and Mike Best roundCorner is pleased to announce the NGO Connect Summer ‘16 release. We have been working hard to empower you with new features and enhancements, so you can build and nurture life-long relationships with your … Read More

Highlights: Advancement Connect Summer ‘16 Release

By Wendy Davis and Jen Higgins roundCorner is pleased to announce the Advancement Connect Summer ‘16 release. We have been working hard to empower you with new features and enhancements, so you can build and nurture life-long relationships with your … Read More

Highlights: foundationConnect Summer ‘16 Release

By Swati Tyagi and Julia Cannon roundCorner is pleased to announce the foundationConnect Summer ‘16 release is available. Our product team has worked hard to empower your foundation with new features and enhancements. As a result, you can focus more … Read More

Clicks vs. Code

Clicks vs. Code

By Sharif Shaalan As a Salesforce Admin and/or Developer, you will have many tools at your disposal. Automation is a key for many business processes and Salesforce provides several options for Automation. These options can be divided into two categories: … Read More

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do: Our Take on The Salesforce and roundCorner Split

Rob Jordan, CEO and Founder of Idealist Consulting and trusted partner of roundCorner, wrote a blog post to offer his take on the Salesforce and roundCorner split. Rob’s point of view will help you understand why the split took place and … Read More

Advancement Connect: Combining The Best of The “What” With The “Who”

By Wendy Davis We’ve all heard the phrase. “It’s not what you know but who you know.” Advancement Connect combines the best of the “what” with the “who”.  Let’s first take a look at the “what”. Advancement Connect empowers development professionals … Read More

roundCorner Gives Back

When roundCorner joined the Pledge 1% movement in 2016, we decided to offer Volunteering Paid Time Off to all employees. To kick off this initiative, Shannon Davisson found an opportunity that allowed us to give back to the community while … Read More

More for your mission

The Right Tools, the Right Team, the Right Approach = More for Your Mission

  Guest post by Lisa Fay This is a typical scenario: your current CRM isn’t up to the task of automating today’s constituent needs. You spend time on frustrating manual work and you still don’t get it right. You are … Read More

NGO Connect Process Builder roundCorner

Using Salesforce Process Builder with NGO Connect

By Josh McDaniel Using Salesforce Process Builder with NGO Connect Lightning Process Builder is used to create processes in your org and possibly extend functionality related to installed packages. The below scenarios and videos walk through three use cases for … Read More

An Introduction to Process Builder

By Josh McDaniel Lightning Process Builder is a great way to build and extend business processes in your Salesforce org with clicks, not code. The tool sits somewhere between two other process based tools in Salesforce: Workflows and Visual Workflows. … Read More

Salesforce Certified Individuals

Why Salesforce Certified Individuals Are Important for Your Organization

By Sharif Shaalan Salesforce certifications are a valuable tool for all participants in the Salesforce ecosystem. Although there are many talented individuals that may not have obtained the credentials, certifications indicate an easy baseline to measure an individual’s skill level. … Read More

3 Nonprofit Trends for 2016 You Need to Know About

As we’re heading towards 2016, you only have a few days left to get in those gifts before the year ends. The nonprofit space is ever evolving, and trends continue to change the way you reach your donors. To give … Read More

roundCorner Takes the Pledge

  roundCorner exists to help nonprofits make the world a better place. Today we’re excited to announce that roundCorner takes the pledge to donate 1% of our employee time, product and equity to support the activities that enhance and serve … Read More

Smart Ways to Raise More Money

We know the challenges development officers are facing. You are always trying to come up with new ways to keep your existing donors engaged and attract new donors. We’ve listed a few smart ways to raise more money so you … Read More

Common data migration challenges

Overcoming Common Data Migration Challenges

By Cidar Mendizabal When we think of a data migration from a legacy system, we should think about what the term “data migration” means. To me, data migration means moving your current data to a new country. This new country … Read More

10 Ways to Engage with Your Donors This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season, and people are in the mood for giving. Needless to say, now is the time to engage with your donors. But how do you stand out from all the holiday noise? At roundCorner, we put our heads … Read More


By Megan Moore If you’re reading the roundCorner blog, you’re probably a regular user of Salesforce NGO Connect or Salesforce. This means that you’re at least somewhat technically savvy. If you’re technically savvy, you’re probably internet savvy; if you’re internet … Read More

Things You Should Know about foundationConnect

  By Stuart Longley #1: foundationConnect is built on Salesforce foundationConnect is built 100% on Salesforce, incorporating the world’s greatest CRM to track relationships, strategic partnerships, consultants, and more. Salesforce’s infrastructure offers state-of-the-art security that is designed to meet the … Read More

roundCorner Shows Support to the Charity Defense Council After Dreamforce

  There’s incredible opportunity to transform the way people think about nonprofits organization. To let the world know that low overhead is not the way the world gets changed, and that inadequate donated resources are not the path to global … Read More

4 Challenges Grantmakers Face and How foundationConnect Can Help

  Challenge #1: You Are Working with Disparate Systems The foundationConnect Difference: foundationConnect empowers you with a platform to manage the grantmaking lifecycle from start to finish and beyond. Where outdated, disparate systems fail to communicate to one another, our … Read More

The Best Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

  We understand that when you are fighting to make the world a better place and you are short on resources, social media isn’t at the top of your priority list. Nevertheless, it is a channel that cannot be forgotten. … Read More

Targeted, Meaningful Stewardship: Not Just for Major Donors Anymore

  By Lisa Fay Salesforce NGO Connect is not solely a data repository – it is a relationship management tool. It has the capacity to add tremendous value and DO WORK during every step of a constituent’s life journey with … Read More

Networking at Dreamforce: How to Do It the Right Way

  Dreamforce offers a great opportunity for networking. Not only is it a way to meet new people – it’s also the place to reconnect with those who you already know. But successful networking doesn’t come easy, and you need … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Dreamforce if You’re Not Attending

  By Libby Brouwer While Dreamforce feels like the whole world is in San Francisco, not all Salesforce users are able to attend. So how do you make the most out of our industry’s major conference without being there? Or, … Read More

Dreamforce Sessions You Can’t Miss

The Agenda Builder is live and we have no doubt that you’ve started filling up your schedule for Dreamforce. But it’s never too late for change. These sessions are not to be missed if you’re interested in roundCorner’s solutions. Advancement … Read More

rC’s President Dan Lammot’s Interview With Executive Leaders Radio

  In this episode of Executive Leaders Radio roundCorner’s President Dan Lammot talks about how roundCorner came about and how we as a team navigate through the world of nonprofits.     Many thanks to the Executive Leaders Radio team … Read More

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Be at Dreamforce

  With more than 7,000 nonprofit and higher education employees attending Dreamforce ’15, it is the largest nonprofit technology conference in the world. Full-time employees of an organization recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organization get access to a … Read More

It’s All Happening: Only 22 Days until Dreamforce ’15

  To say we’re excited about Dreamforce ’15 is an understatement to say the least. With only 22 days to go, prep work has taken off in full speed. We’re almost ready to pack our bags and hit the road … Read More

Provide Development Officers With Qualified Leads Through Automation

By Lisa Fay Wellek NGO Connect is far more than a data repository or tool that simply captures and manages transactions. If the stars align with strategy, staffing and organizational buy-in, NGOC can serve as a bona fide team member, … Read More

Marketing for Nonprofits: Getting Started with Little to No Budget

  By Diana Herst Having been in marketing for some years now, for for-profit organizations as well as a volunteer for nonprofits, I know the challenges nonprofit organizations are facing when developing and executing online marketing strategies with little to … Read More

Building Reports Like The #AwesomeAdmin You Are

  By Libby Brouwer Salesforce events always offer an opportunity to get to know others enthusiastic about the Salesforce platform. As part of Salesforce’s efforts to continue to highlight the excellent work of Salesforce Admins, they’ve carved out the #AwesomeAdmin … Read More

Retaining Volunteers: What Makes Them Stay?

By Diana Herst Recruiting volunteers who understand and support your mission is one challenge you have to overcome as a nonprofit. But the biggest challenge of all might just be retaining volunteers, especially in a time when nonprofits is battling … Read More

4 Reasons Microedge GIFTS Customers are Migrating to foundationConnect

Based on our experience helping customers move from MicroEdge GIFTS to foundationConnect, we wanted to share some of the top reasons why organizations decide to make the move. Tired of a Complex Interface To Manage The Database The MicroEdge GIFTS … Read More

The Focus on Customer Success in Product Management

  By Josh McDaniel I joined roundCorner as a consultant and transitioned to the Product team in late 2011. We were only a team of four at the time. Our team has grown over the years, but our goal today … Read More

9 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits That Work

By Diana Herst Sure, you’ve done countless fundraisers! You know your drill. But what if you could take your fundraising efforts to the next level? We have nine fundraising tips for nonprofits that actually work. 1. Set Goals Setting goals … Read More

Building Lasting Relationships

By Rubin Singh The trend is shifting in the fundraising space. Gone are the days where donors would send a check to their favorite charity or make an online donation and simply wait for an annual newsletter to see what … Read More

EY Announces roundCorner Founder and President Dan Lammot Is an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015 Award Finalist in Greater Philadelphia

For immediate release Philadelphia, PA, April 28 – EY today announced that Founder and President Dan Lammot of roundCorner, Inc. is a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015 Award in Greater Philadelphia. The awards program recognizes entrepreneurs … Read More

Launching Salesforce Communities for Enterprise Customers

By Sharif Shaalan To set up your community, an implementation must stay close to out-of-the-box functionality while customizing the community to fit the clients’ business needs. Yes, building Salesforce communities for Enterprise customers is a balancing act. Below are a … Read More

Joining roundCorner as a College Graduate

By Martae Giometti A few months ago I saw a colleague at a training session and he commented on my first day at roundCorner. He remembered how shy and tense I was that day and remarked how much he saw … Read More

Big Data Experts Need Not Apply

By Michael Best Nonprofits, foundations and higher education institutions have mountains of data to attempt to analyze. roundCorner first met the problem with roundData, a solution supporting clients with complex, unique data analysis and reporting requirements. However, we’re excited about … Read More

Nonprofit CRM Solutions Founder Among Philadelphia’s 40 Under 40

By Gary Frisch Swordfish Communications Dan Lammot of roundCorner Recognized for “Changing the Way People Change the World” PHILADELPHIA, April 13, 2015 – Entrepreneur Dan Lammot, founder and president of roundCorner, which provides constituent relationship management (CRM) solutions for nonprofit … Read More

Cracking Open the Door

  By Libby Brouwer Since establishing the Philly chapter of Girly Geeks, a Salesforce User Group dedicated to women, there’s a question I’m often asked that I didn’t anticipate: “Why do women need their own group?” At this juncture I … Read More