By Kenny Allen

When donors are rushing to give to your nonprofit, it can be both exciting and stressful.

When you’re flooded with gifts, you face the issue of keeping up with data entry. This is a good problem to have! However, it’s key that your nonprofit can thank your donors and provide them receipting information in a timely way.

Data Entry Comes First

As a fundraiser, it stressed me out when I could not quickly thank someone or provide a receipt for their tax-deductible donation. If someone has a bad experience after giving you their time and money, they’ll be less likely to give again.

My ability to thank someone quickly relied on a few things, but entering gifts into my database always came first. I could not generate an acknowledgement letter or file for a mail-house vendor without first having the data in my fundraising system. 

Therefore, if I can’t get data into my database quickly, I take a chip out of my donor’s confidence in my nonprofit to put their donation to good use.

A Batch Gift Entry Tool Comes In Handy

roundCorner understands the challenges of getting data into any fundraising solution quickly.

Importing data helps, but flat file imports are not the only necessary way to input large amounts of data. A lot of contributions come directly to your office in the mail or in person at events. Alternatively, you may have your own inbound call-center or a customer service team, among other channels. 

In order for your team to accomplish rapid data entry, roundCorner offers our Batch Gift Entry (BGE) tool as part of NGO Connect.

Save Time with Templates

With our BGE tool, your organization can set up any number of templated batches for your team to use. Building templates for your data entry team means they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they add data via batch.

Do you want to ensure your cash and check gift data is separated from your credit card gift data? Do you want to enter American Express gifts separately from Discover Card gifts? With Batch Gift Entry, you can create different templates with various fields that are applicable to your specific payment method batches.

Take for instance, you want to have your data entry team enter large amounts of cash/check gifts. But you don’t want them to have to tab through credit card number, CVV, or expiration date fields typically entered on a credit card transaction. You can quickly and easily create a batch template that doesn’t include those unnecessary fields.

Defaulting Fields with Batch Gift Entry

Additionally, you can default any field so that transactions in your batch don’t require data entry into that field.  Not having to enter the same piece of data on every gift or record saves valuable time.

For example, if you know that every gift you are entering is going to one specific designation, you can default that field in your batch. In addition, you can hide that field if you don’t want to see it or tab past it when entering data into your batch. Are all of your gifts being entered for one date? As with designation, you can default that date and allow your data entry team to have one less element to key in.


Speeding Up Peripherals

Finally, another velocity roadblock to data entry is your data entry team’s peripherals.

Nothing slows you down like having to use your trackpad or mouse to get to another field in an online form. Our BGE tool gives you the flexibility to use only your keyboard. As a result, you can efficiently tab and type through fields.

Watch the Demonstration

Recommendations for NGO Connect Users

If your nonprofit is on NGO Connect and not already using our BGE tool, get up to speed by building templates. Fine-tune your use of templates by applying business rules. For example, require different types of batches for different types of gifts. Furthermore, roll BGE out to all of your users to effectively get data into your NGO Connect environment. If you are using our BGE tool, I’d love to hear any tips your org has come up with to make data entry even easier.

Interested in Batch Gift Entry? Learn More

Streamlining your data entry with Batch Gift Entry is a big time saver for any organization. If you would like to learn more about Batch Gift Entry in NGO Connect, contact us.

Kenneth Allen is the Senior Product Manager for NGO Connect at roundCorner. With over 18 years of experience in nonprofit technology, Kenny guides product requirements and development to help nonprofits build life-long relationships with constituents. Follow him on Twitter @KennyA11en.

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