Dale Craker

By Dale Craker

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai’i!

I love the things that everyone pictures when they think of Hawaii, like sunny weather year-round and white sand beaches. But the island offers so much more than that. The geography and climate are so diverse. It’s like parts of the West Coast, Great Plains, Rockies, Ireland and Brazil all compacted together on one island.

I moved to the island two years ago to escape Denver’s long, cold winters. Everyone in Denver says “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”. On Hawaii, if you don’t like the weather, drive five miles and it’s sure to be different.

The beauty of working in the cloud is that you can do it from anywhere, including my home on the Big Island of Hawaii. My first exposure to roundCorner was as a customer of foundationConnect. I implemented the solution for Great Outdoors Colorado, where I had previously worked in grant programs. I was never really a tech guy so it struck me early on just how much is possible with Salesforce without knowing code, and all the kind of stuff that people like me usually shy away from. What also struck me was just how hard it would be for a foundation to harness the power of Salesforce without the foundationConnect app.

As a former grants manager, I saw first-hand how foundationConnect improves the way foundations accomplish their work. I’m excited to have joined the team at roundCorner, because I work with smart, innovative and cool people. It’s clear to me that roundCorner appreciates, nurtures and encourages those things in its people.

What a privilege to be here and to help foundationConnect users to change the way they change the world.

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