Behind the Scenes at roundCorner: Marquetta Drakes

by Marquetta Drakes

I first joined roundCorner (rC) in April 2015 as the Senior Product Manager for foundationConnect (fC), but my history with fC extends back to its early days in Brooklyn, NY.

It was 2011, and I had learned the basics of the platform on my own. Looking to put my knowledge to work, I joined NPower, a national nonprofit that had developed a grants management system. I started out as a Project Manager, implementing the solution with various foundations around the country.

When they began to rely instead on service partners to deliver implementations, I transitioned to Partner Success Manager. As much as I enjoyed working with the partners, however, I missed dealing directly with clients. In 2013, I decided to move on from NPower and foundationConnect.

So, after 1.5 years away and roundCorner’s acquisition of fC in 2014, what brought me back to the fold? While fC is a unique and powerful solution, this is not the only reason I came back to it.

Why foundationConnect at roundCorner?

1. Open Collaboration

Before joining roundCorner, my new employer’s widely distributed staff had made it difficult to collaborate. While staff worked hard to stay connected, there were over a thousand employees I would never meet. 

At rC, even with our focus on different products, audiences and responsibilities, the barriers to collaboration don’t really exist. I can reach out to any of my colleagues, anytime. Acquiring new products or hiring new staff is a thoughtful process that ensures a proper fit on both sides.

2. Quality Colleagues

In addition to my new rC team members, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with my former colleagues. Swati, Eugene and Lawrence are names that are familiar to most fC clients. Prior to joining roundCorner, casual lunch dates with Swati were opportunities to receive updates on the gang, as well as the not-too-subtle “sell” to join the team. And as anyone who’s worked with Swati will tell you, she can be pretty persuasive.

3. The fC Clients

Lastly, and most importantly, the fC clients.

I know from my years in the nonprofit sector that pooling resources and support comes naturally in this sphere. At the same time, there is something extra special about our clients. Not only do they work amongst themselves, but they are extremely open with other grantmakers outside of the fC community. They don’t limit their work to their particular focus areas–they want to elevate the grantmaking space as well.

What’s in a Tag Line?

I’m lucky enough to work for a company that actively creates volunteer opportunities for the staff. While I have worked on interesting for-profit consulting projects, none provided the satisfaction that comes with supporting important philanthropic work.

Ultimately, with a tag line like “Changing the Way People Change the World,” how could I say no?

Marquetta Drakes_foundationConnect by roundCorner

Marquetta Drakes is a Principal Consultant at roundCorner and lead of the foundationConnect (fC) Expert Services group. Managing and executing key implementations, she enables foundations to focus more on their mission and less on administration.

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