If you were to ask anyone at roundCorner about our Data Migration Specialist, Carlos Gallardo, the first word that would likely come to his or her minds would be “passionate”. Carlos loves all things roundCorner and Salesforce, so I was curious as to how it all came about for him. Let him convey to you his passion for his work, and where it all came from.

“My road towards Salesforce success has been incredibly accelerated and filled with eagerness to thrive and learn Salesforce’s expanding ecosystem of technologies. While attending Villanova University for my third year, I was introduced to the power of Salesforce through my Systems & Analysis Design course. The course focused on the Systems Development Life Cycle, which opened my mind to the possibility of a career in a systems functional role or a developer role.

After learning the theoretical basis (offered in class), my professor introduced the class to the Salesforce platform with the intent to work along side a local nonprofit organization and their Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack. Never did I think that this class would incorporate real life usage of a real system.

I become aware that the Salesforce platform allowed for the usage of declarative/point-and-click development to fulfill tasks that could previously only be accomplished through rigorous code development. I knew that this platform of technologies was more than just another soon-to-be legacy system. This was the next frontier of systems evolution. This was the Age of the Customer and I have full faith that the Salesforce platform can fulfill this.

After graduation, I sought to become a Salesforce Consultant and found a welcoming home at roundCorner. Every day I come to the office with the eagerness to welcome new challenges and nourish my current skills in order to solve complex client requests.

I have found a family of support through my colleagues at roundCorner and have undertaken a new personal motto when fulfilling and exceeding client’s expectations through creative solution: ‘Creative solutions are the key to any challenge’.

Working with nonprofit clients has been a lot of fun, hard work, and steep knowledge growth. I love the transition I see when clients begin taking ownership of their Salesforce platform. It motivates me to keep working with them towards success. I admire the development and growth my clients are willing to undertake, and it reminds me of my own personal challenges, my ever-growing knowledge and my love of the Salesforce platform.

It is never too late to learn something new that brings a smile to your face.”

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