KC Huang

By KC Huang

I always liked puzzles and Legos as a kid. Although I never exactly knew what I wanted to do when I would grow up, I did know that if I did something as fun and rewarding as solving puzzles and building Legos, I would hit the job jackpot.

To me, the Salesforce platform is like the ultimate grown-up Lego. You can build endless configurations of varying sizes and complexities with little technical knowledge. I’ve worked in a variety of industries; from real estate to publishing to the nonprofit space. The common thread in all of them is the use of databases. While working in the Major Gifts department at Oxfam, I needed to extract a lot of specific information from the donor databases. And so I set about learning SQL and using the various reporting tools to get the data I needed in the fewest steps possible. That’s when I realized how much fun querying data could be! Hours would pass unnoticed. And when a query would successfully complete, the feeling of accomplishment was greater than anything I had experienced in the workforce. Needless to say, I was hooked.


I joined roundCorner because I wanted to solve puzzles. In particular, I wanted to do so for the amazing organizations that are making a difference in our world. Using the most innovative technology, I help them with calculations that involve multiple custom objects, large data volumes or complex segmentations. My journey at roundCorner has been great so far. I am thrilled to work at a company with talented people from whom I can learn every day. I truly did hit the job jackpot!

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