Stephanie Buckwalter

By Stephanie Buckwalter

I fell into my first job and my career by chance. In 2007, as a recent college graduate, I thought I knew what I wanted to be. I planned campus events throughout college and was sure that I wanted to be an event planner. Or a kindergarten teacher. Or maybe work at a museum or gallery. I had been an art history major, after all.

After an eternity of job applications, I landed a nonprofit position that I called home for the next nine years. I knew little about the organization, but I knew they supported Planned Parenthood. To me, that was enticing. Here, I learned to choose a career path, and the type of employee and manager I wanted to be.

I also learned that having a mentor makes a difference; it is what truly got me to where I am today. After gaining the confidence by learning a system, educating users and providing support, I volunteered as the Salesforce Administrator. And I fell in love.

Within months I knew I wanted my career to include Salesforce, but I continued to learn about it for another year and a half. For my next move, I wanted two things. A company dedicated to its employees, with a culture of learning and compassion. I also wanted to feel good about my work. roundCorner is all of these things.

From the start, every conversation throughout the interview process felt easy and natural. I never felt any inclination to present myself as anyone other than who I am, despite my desire to land the job. I was shocked and giddy to find a company that seemed to exceed my requirements.

Being at roundCorner makes me feel good. While it seems like an insignificant statement, my work fills me with such a sense of peace and accomplishment. I love the work we do and I feel lucky to support the most amazing and impactful nonprofits. It makes me feel connected to the mission that got me started down the path to good years ago.

I found an immediate connection with many of my colleagues, which proves how much roundCorner cares about company culture. roundCorner hires staff that is smart and driven and ambitious. But they also hire staff that is empathetic, down-to-earth and humble. The collective brain power, skills, and compassion I found amongst my colleagues makes me sure of this move.

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