By Yina Chun

One Saturday in Brooklyn

It was a Saturday morning. There I was over my kitchen sink, washing dishes and doing my normal morning chores. Half listening to Ted Talks, speakers streamed in the background. I started to pay attention when Nancy Lublin delivered, “How data from a crisis text line is saving lives.”

At this moment, I knew why I chose to work for nonprofits. Today, this still informs the passion I have for my work.

Growing up, I never had any real exposure to nonprofits. Until I started working for them, nonprofits were simply groups of do-gooders, nice people with big ideals. Truthfully, I did not think of them as true change makers and movement starters of the world. Before this mindset changed, I worked for a startup company, deploying Salesforce environments to hundreds of wealth management advisors. After a three-month long project, the Managing Principal there asked what was next for me. I told him that I wanted to work with nonprofits, surprised as I heard these words come out of my mouth.

I felt that I could no longer watch myself sit, hope, and pray that the world would someday be a better place. If I wanted to shape the world that I live in, I needed to act. Shortly after, I took a much lower paying job at a children’s adoption agency, with no clear path for career advancement in sight. There, I helped the organization through major internal changes.

But Why Nonprofits?

Even after a year, I did not completely understand the emotional connection behind my decision to work for nonprofits. I was never a Girl Scout, nor did I take part in community development during my school years. All that I remember was a young version of me giving a quarter to a man living on the streets. I recall wishing that my quarter gave that man hope.

After I heard Nancy Lublin that Saturday morning, I recognized the reason for my drive to make an impact. Like Nancy, I realized I could not care less about “helping you find Chinese food at 2am in Dallas.” For myself, I could no longer turn a blind eye to the problems facing society. I cared that equality is not a given human right, and that neglect and resignation fills our world. Even more, I cared about working toward a future where everyone has a chance to fulfill their greatest potential. Soon, I found that working for roundCorner became the best way for me to make an impact. I love that when I turn on the news, I get to hear how our customers are improving the world.

Yina Chun is the Customer Support Lead at roundCorner. Yina provides support to customers so that they can make the most of NGO Connect and Advancement Connect. When she’s not behind the laptop, she enjoys making food for friends and family, exploring Prospect Park with her two dogs, and enjoying art with her husband in New York City.

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