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By the time you read this, it will be old news but it’s still newsworthy. Marc and Lynne Benioff announced yet another philanthropic commitment to those in need, and when you are in the nonprofit business that we (collectively) are in good deeds of epic proportions always get our attention.

Recently, Benioff again challenged other business leaders to adopt the Salesforce 1:1:1 model for philanthropy. Not because it’s his baby, but because it’s a perfectly logical way for companies to focus themselves on doing the right thing. When you think about it, there are public and private corporations. In my mind, wearing the mantle of a public company brings with it some social responsibilities. Personally I admire the way Marc wears that mantle and encourages others to do the same.

This is why we at roundCorner love Marc Benioff and are proud to be associated with his company. He changed the way people think about business computing infrastructure forever. He is leading the charge to make it possible for companies like ours to innovate on behalf of those in need globally. He and his wife are living a “Philanthropy Now” existence and don’t view philanthropy as something that needs to wait until later in life (or after they’re gone). At his core, he is a genuine person, with a genuine desire to do good things for the world in which he lives and is leading by example.

Marc knows that he has been fortunate beyond fortunate in his professional and business life. Absolutely it came with hard work, but business has treated him generously and he has not forgotten that. My guess is that he never will. And that, in our books, qualifies him as the gold standard for corporate leadership.

.Dan Lammot
Dan Lammot is President & Founding Partner of roundCorner.com, a Salesforce.com backed team of more than sixty people will work tirelessly in partnership with you to transform the way you achieve your mission. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him @roundlammot

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