By Michael Best

Nonprofits, foundations and higher education institutions have mountains of data to attempt to analyze. roundCorner first met the problem with roundData, a solution supporting clients with complex, unique data analysis and reporting requirements. However, we’re excited about releasing a new data product in 2015 that we know will fit our clients’ needs. It’s called rC Query.

Although rC Query is just as powerful as roundData, there is one significant difference. It will be a lighter solution. Our goal is to empower each of our clients with the benefit of data analysis and reporting, no matter the make up of their staff and resources. With only two pages in your Salesforce instance, it’s a simple interface with powerful results.

Not only will our clients have the ability to create reports and queries based on a complex set of criteria; we will also provide them with the ability to insert and update records based on the query. For example, I can add Contacts to a specific campaign based on a set of criteria – perhaps their total giving amount from the previous year. I could also localize this campaign by adding the Contacts’ mailing state to my criteria and create separate campaigns for my largest donors in each state.

One of the best things about Query, is that any staff member can easily use it. Unlike roundData and other reporting solutions, the tool does not require even basic SQL or SOQL knowledge. It does not require someone with a statistics background.

Big data experts need not apply.

Having said that, we will be adding to the functionality, while adhering to the strict principle that anyone can use this tool. The ability to query across multiple objects, query custom objects, and the ability to pick and choose what data points are included in your result set. This last point is worth elaborating upon. Using the same example as above, I will be able to choose which data points are included with my results if I want to send different letters to my campaign members based on some other data point. This means I can also choose to receive any Preference record for each contact that meets my main criteria. I can also request to see their Campaign history and Total Completed Hours for Volunteering.

As roundCorner invests in future development, the Query tool will continue to improve and grow. However, the product will always remain a simple to use solution for complex reporting, data analysis, and list creation. We will remain to be the data experts for those of you changing the world every day – only now we’re making it easier for you to do so.

Michael BestMichael Best is a Product Manager at roundCorner after serving in the same role at PeopleLinx, another Philadelphia-area startup. Outside of work, he spends his time on the baseball field, coaching at his high school, Holy Ghost Prep. Mike graduated from Villanova University in 2011 with degrees in Marketing and Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

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