““roundCorner deployed NGO Connect on time and on budget. In roundCorner, we found exactly what we were looking for – both in terms of an enterprise CRM solution and a partner.”

– Suzy Pike, CRM Program Manager and Relationship Manager at CARE

About CARE

CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. Known for their unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people, they are a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicating to ending poverty. The organization’s core values of transformation, integrity, diversity, excellence and equality serve as a foundation for all that they do.

CARE was founded in 1945, when 22 American organizations came together to rush lifesaving CARE Packages to survivors of World War II. Thousands of Americans, including President Harry S. Truman, contributed to the effort. Back then, ten dollars bought a CARE Package that was guaranteed to be delivered within four months.


In light of the sunsetting of Donor Direct (a.k.a. PIDI) in 2018, CARE needed to find a new constituent management and fundraising system. During its search, the CARE team recognized that it required a robust solution that could accommodate complex business practices. Many of these practices were legacy solutions that were due for evaluation. CARE’s goal from the beginning was not to replicate its current system but to develop a next-generation solution. CARE also had a clear idea of the type of partnership that it wanted for the implementation and beyond.


CARE considered several solutions and selected roundCorner’s NGO Connect, recognizing it as the most robust and flexible enterprise nonprofit system in the marketplace. CARE also chose roundCorner to perform all aspects of the implementation, including data mapping and migration, NGO Connect configuration, custom development (e.g. batch gift processing, communication methods, adjustments), online platform integrations, financial system integration, and training.

With an extremely tight timeline, roundCorner took on the challenge of transitioning CARE off of Donor Direct in less than 8 months. Given the size of the project, roundCorner organized deliverables into multiple concurrent workstreams, each with its own project manager. To avoid overages and delays, the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was adopted, streamlining the backlogging of functionality outside of the initial implementation scope.

Leveraging its great partnership with the CARE team, roundCorner delivered on time and on budget, and CARE went live on NGO Connect in April 2018. Moreover, roundCorner’s Managed Services took over the direct marketing responsibilities that Blackbaud had been providing. Managed Services will work hand in hand with CARE and its agencies on campaigns, acquisition, reporting, data hygiene and other critical ongoing business functions.

In roundCorner, CARE found exactly what it was looking for both in terms of an enterprise CRM and a partner. With a robust system in place that CARE staff has enthusiastically adopted, additional phases targeting areas such as Advocacy, SharePoint integration, and gift processing enhancements are on track to proceed.

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