Celebrating the Salesforce Economy: The Road to Customer Success

By Dan Lammot

Earlier today, Salesforce published updated research from IDC on the Salesforce economy showing exponential growth. According to IDC’s recent findings, the ecosystem will create 3.3 million jobs and $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022.  

As a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner and a Salesforce.org AppExchange Partner, we feel honored to be part of an ecosystem that makes such an incredible global impact in a variety of industries. The IDC report shares how Salesforce drives revenue and job growth in six major industries, for example the manufacturing industry, which comes out on top with over 600,000 new jobs to be created by 2022. While the nonprofit industry isn’t mentioned in IDC’s most recent findings, we know our work as part of the Salesforce.org ecosystem has a dramatic positive effect in the third largest employment sector in the US–Nonprofits.

Since 2009, roundCorner works with its customers to leverage Salesforce to reimagine the way enterprise-level nonprofit organizations achieve a greater impact in today’s connected era. While this is no easy feat, it remains the single reason why we wake up every day. Being a “born in the cloud” company, we founded roundCorner on the notion that nonprofits deserve access to the most innovative technology, giving them the greatest opportunity for mission achievement. Moreover, we believe that the expected growth in major industries will quickly be followed by exponential growth in the nonprofit industry.

With the launch of the redesigned AppExchange, customers have the tools they need to reach new heights of success with products like NGO Connect deployed natively on the Salesforce platform. Cutting-edge features offer exciting opportunities for customers to leverage the Salesforce partner ecosystem in ways like never before, for example with easier access to trusted applications.

Over the years, NGO Connect has contributed to our customers’ success in many different ways. The International Rescue Committee moved away from paper-based volunteer recruitment and generated more applications than ever with an online volunteer portal. The National Kidney Foundation streamlined their events management and greatly reduced the time it takes to set up an event.  And NGO Connect is today’s driving force behind Sierra Club’s major donor management and online giving.

Hearing these stories from customers matter. As the Salesforce economy continues to grow, roundCorner continues our commitment to our customers for the betterment of the world. Whether it is nature and wildlife, health or humanitarian causes, we recognize our responsibility to take the lead and enable change.

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