At roundCorner, we pride ourselves on the causes we have the privilege to serve.

As we kicked off 2017, we took stock of the progress we’ve made over the past several years. We asked ourselves why and how we’ve been able to support organizations with such diverse missions… Is it the products alone that make this possible? Could it be roundCorner’s team, made up of individuals well-versed in the worlds of nonprofits, philanthropy, and technology? On the other hand, is growth in one or more subsectors resulting in increased technology adoption? Surely, it could be the sheer flexibility the Salesforce platform provides, allowing our products to scale to the needs of different organizations. Our intuition was that the answer lies somewhere between all of these factors.

Consequently, we went on to look at the data in an attempt to better understand causality. The charts below show the demographics of our clients based on NCCS’ classifications:

NonProfit Customers Infographic - Jan 2017

Foundation Customers Infographic - Jan 2017


Of nine unique categories, Health, Human Services, and Public Benefit represent 58% of our total client base across fundraising and grant management, while Arts & Culture stands distinctively in our nonprofit fundraising customers.  

According to Giving USA’s 2016 report, which reported 2015 as “America’s most generous year ever,” giving to Public Benefit causes increased for the sixth consecutive year, making it the fastest growing of our client subsectors. Interestingly enough, Public Benefit’s growth is reflected in our client demographics. This leads us to believe the increase in resources is giving rise to the accelerated adoption of modern, cloud technology.

Although the question remains open, we know beyond any doubt that each customer requires unique support for their specific mission. At the same time, fundraising remains the core engine that fuels mission achievement. This has never been more important than it is now in our dynamic political environment.  

As we continue to learn more from our customers, we intend to remain focused on the promise that through the transfer of innovation across the market, nonprofits and foundations will more efficiently achieve their common goal—to deploy their resources to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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