Event management

By Mike Best

Many of our clients rely on events to drive fundraising throughout the year, often with an auction or gala. While we built NGO Connect and Advancement Connect to focus on fundraising and constituent relationship management, roundCorner recognized the need for event management capabilities. Today, both products offer event management features to help nonprofits and universities plan and host events. I wanted to share some of the Event Management features that I love.

Online Ticketing and Events

One of our enterprise nonprofit clients used our events module to manage ticketing and RSVPs for their event. They created a custom webpage to register guests and processed payments. Each guest was automatically added to the campaign within NGO Connect and associated with their ticket level. This made it easy for the team to track remaining tickets and levels that were still available. By using NGO Connect’s event module, they increased registration for their annual event by 300% compared to the year prior.

Public Check-In

On the day of the event, registered guests need to checked. Our public check-in page enables nonprofits and universities to move guests through a line more efficiently. In 2015, we overhauled this page to make it completely responsive. Now, our customers and their volunteers use any connected device to check in guests, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We also improved the user experience and added new features, such as Campaign Member field sets to choose what data volunteers can update from attendees.

Another client loved this new tool and reported that it made the check-in process for their event easier than ever. Clients also use the public check-in page to update demographic information about guests, and search through existing Leads and Contacts to avoid creating duplicate records.


The last great feature I want to highlight is our Venue and Seating Chart. Last year, I got married in Philadelphia. Given that we live in San Francisco, wedding planning was difficult at times. One night of planning eventually led me to use the functionality that roundCorner built. I simply created an Event Campaign within NGO Connect and created a Venue and Seating Chart for our reception. It took me only 15 minutes to get our room layout together, including customized table sizes, the dance floor and the stage. Plus, a few key guests were already seated.


The examples above demonstrate some key event management use cases that nonprofits and universities can benefit from. Combined with the complete feature set of our products and other Salesforce-based event apps like Eventbrite and Cvent, this enables our customers to put constituents in the center of the organizations.

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