Education Technology

By Wendy Davis

I began my career in education technology in the late 1990s when ERPs were all the rage. Advancement systems in an ERP suite were frequently not the strongest solution in the offering, but the promise of integration was compelling. Hundreds of colleges and universities adopted ERP solutions, and this often meant that they inherited the advancement system connected with the ERP vendor.

Some of the legacy advancement systems have been on the market for over 20 years, designed at a time when transaction processing was the primary goal, and many of them are quite competent at these functions. As technologies advanced, we saw legacy vendors layer changes on top of the existing architecture. Mainframes transformed to graphical user interfaces, and eventually, there was a demand to move from client-server to web-based solutions.

Much has changed in the nearly 20 years that I’ve been working with colleges and universities, and one of the most important changes I’ve seen is the need for development professionals to interact with a constituent centric advancement system.

Today, institutions recognize that gift processing and stewardship is core to their business, but development officers are also clamoring for technologies that allow them to track contact records, manage relationships and view them in a graphical manner, easily see donor profiles and customize those profile views to meet the needs of the individual user. They are expecting to be able to manage their prospects on a mobile device and view alerts when new contacts are added to a donor record. Moreover, they want to see integrated charts, reports and dashboards with the ability to interact with the data that is presented in those reports.

Built natively on Salesforce, Advancement Connect takes advantage of the world’s leading CRM platform and extends the features and functionality to deliver constituent engagement, donor engagement, prospect management, online giving and gift processing in a single solution. Institutions that use Advancement Connect have experienced firsthand that they are able to build and nurture relationships with alumni and supporters, ultimately enabling them to raise more funds. With integrated mobile capabilities and reporting as a core component of the platform, institutions have gained efficiencies and insights to their data.

This week, roundCorner is proud to sponsor the Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP) Summit in Chicago. As we connect with our current customers, we recognize that the advancement services professionals at these institutions are some of our greatest advocates and allies.

Advancement services professionals will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of Advancement Connect on Wednesday, October 26 at 2:30 PM in The Tangent Room of The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago. We look forward to connecting with the advancement services professionals at the Summit, and we look forward to introducing this group to the powerful offering of Advancement Connect.

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