foundationConnect Fall '18

We have exciting news to share today! The foundationConnect Fall ‘18 release is live! At roundCorner, we tirelessly work to enhance foundationConnect so that your foundation can streamline grantmaking. This release debuts features and improvements to help you do just that! Watch the video and keep on reading below.

New in foundationConnect Fall ‘18

Below, we’re covering the most exciting work that’s included in the foundationConnect Fall ‘18 release. To discover the full list of new features and improvements, we encourage you to read the release notes in the online foundationConnect community.

Ease of Use With Single Sign-on

One of the benefits of using a platform is that you have fewer systems to log into on a daily basis. We get it – we don’t get excited about remembering yet another username and password either!

Most of you are probably familiar with single sign-on, a user-authentication feature that allows you to use one set of login credentials to access multiple, related systems. Single sign-on not only cuts down your list of usernames and passwords to remember – it improves ease of use by giving you faster access to the tools you need at any given time!

With the foundationConnect Fall ‘18 release, we’ve enabled single sign-on for users who have a dual role of Grantee and Reviewer! This new functionality is especially valuable for foundations that create Communities not related to foundationConnect functionality. It also results in a cleaner database by preventing the need to maintain duplicate user accounts. To use this feature, System Administrators need to make a one-time update to their custom settings and portal user records. For details on how to do this, please refer to the release notes.

foundationConnect and Lightning: It Keeps Getting Better

foundationConnect is a Salesforce-based application, so it is important that we align our development with Salesforce innovations and create the best experience for our users.

For this release, we’ve redesigned the Grantee Dashboard using the Salesforce Lightning Design System. This improved design increases Dashboard performance by supporting large data volumes and gives you better ability to resolve issues with portal display, including several errors such as the View State Limit error. Not using Salesforce Lightning yet? Not to worry! The redesigned Grantee Dashboard is available for all foundationConnect customers, regardless of the interface you are using.

We have also continued our work on Lightning Communities with foundationConnect. An area that needed attention is the ability for portal users to navigate to the Lightning community dashboard directly from the login interface. We are happy to share with you that we accomplished this improvement in foundationConnect Fall ‘18! For Grantees and Reviewers, we’ve also enabled email verification through the link that is delivered when registering for a Lightning Community.

Greater Transparency for Improved Collaboration

A key part of effective collaboration is having easy access to the right information and documents. In foundationConnect Fall ‘18, Opportunity team members now have the ability to see amendments created by other team members on the following objects:

  • Opportunity Amendments
  • Custom Objects created as Profile Tab Amendments
  • Organization Amendments

This improvement allows for records to be automatically shared when a team member has been added to a Request – no additional setup or enablement required!

Stability, Security and Performance

At roundCorner, our goal is always to provide our customers with technology that has the utmost stability, security and performance. It’s for this reason that these types of upgrades are always top of mind in our product releases.

With the foundationConnect Fall ‘18 release, we made stability, security and performance upgrades in several areas. For example, browser continuity updates improve the user experience for both Communities and .Net customers by displaying warning messages in unsupported browsers. We’ve also ensured that HTML parsing is consistent throughout grantee and reviewer portals. These, and other updates in foundationConnect Fall ‘18, eliminate unexpected behaviors across our platform.

BONUS: Pop-Up Pilot Advanced Application Designer

Many of our customers know that the foundationConnect team is working on an Advanced Application Designer. Earlier this year, a number of customers participated in a pilot by offering time to test the new Application Designer. If you were part of that pilot, know that we are grateful for the valuable feedback that you provided!

As we continue our development of the feature, we are now launching a pop-up pilot program for those who didn’t participate in the original pilot. This shorter, more informal pilot is open to all foundationConnect users who are interested in getting a sneak peek at the Advanced Application Designer and sharing feedback. Customers can sign up here before December 18th, 2018.

What’s Next?

And there you have it: the foundationConnect Fall ‘18 release. If you want additional details, we encourage you to review the release notes here.

To see a live demo of these new features and improvements, join our webinar on Wednesday, December 12th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET. Register here.

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