By Julia Cannon

Today roundCorner announces the foundationConnect Fall ‘17 release! We’re excited to introduce you to the latest enhancements, but most of all, we’re thrilled to announce that foundationConnect is “Lightning Ready.”

Highlights of the Fall ‘17 Release

With over 90 tickets resolved and a fully supported use of Salesforce Lightning, foundationConnect makes grants management easier than ever before.

Lightning Ready

Back in August, foundationConnect passed Salesforce’s Lightning Ready assessment and qualified as a Lightning Ready application. Today, these upgrades are packaged and ready to be enabled in your orgs.

For those who are not familiar with the term Lightning Ready: the simple definition from Salesforce states that “100% of end-user use cases must work as expected in Lightning”. Lightning offers more than just an improvement in the look and feel of our application. It also drives improvements in productivity through its modern, intelligent and visual approach to functionality, giving staff across your foundation the tools they need to work more efficiently.

Greater Control

The foundationConnect Fall ‘17 release also introduces enhancements to empower System Administrators, Grants Managers and other users with greater control in several areas.  

Docket Translation Tool

This release introduces a tool for System Administrators to set up and translate text that resides in field data, including any custom fields. Not only does this give System Administrators greater control over the Grantseeker Portal – it also greatly improves the user experience for Grantseekers.  

Custom Labels for Error Messages

Additional Custom Labels were added to provide System Administrators with greater control over error messages and their translations. Ultimately, this gives System Administrators the ability to provide foundationConnect users with more accurate information when they encounter errors in the application and makes it easier for users to determine next steps. These Custom Labels also offer translation abilities.

Expenditures to Date

As a Grants Manager, it is critical to have accurate data at a click of a button. With the Fall ‘17 release we improved the way Expenditures to Date are reflected in Grantseeker Reports. Going forward, Expenditures to Date will only sum the Budget Updates of the Grantseeker Reports that are chronologically prior to and inclusive of the Grantseeker Report being viewed. This enables you and your grantseekers to retain historical values while also being able to view an accurate account of the current Expenditure to Date.

Infrastructure Improvements

In addition to new features, we remain committed to improving existing features and functionality. This release, we performed upgrades on both the hardware and software of existing servers so that foundationConnect continues to perform at its best.

Other Improvements

foundationConnect users can now use Salesforce Files where Notes and Attachments were previously used, including:

  • Attachments on Docket records
  • External Reviewer access to Salesforce Files as part of a Request application

We also offer a cleaner display of Attachments on the internal page layout Visualforce component and improvements were made to Team Member and Contact Role creation during the application process. Error messages displays have been improved so you don’t run the risk of losing data and for deadline-based competitions, we made significant improvements to the Proposal Submission Processes.

Lastly, we understand the importance of documentation and we continue to expand documentation and assets for you to access. With this release, we made updates to the Known Issues and Common Errors documentation. Additionally, we’re delivering new assets for Communities Portal Duplicate Rules and we have a Community Administration Cheat Sheet.

Learn more

Interested to see a live demonstration of the foundationConnect Fall ‘17 release? Reach out to marketing@roundcorner.com and we’ll send you the link to sign up for the webinar on November 16.

For detailed information about the Fall ‘17 release, we encourage you to explore the release notes.

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