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By roundCorner and Sputnik Moment

roundCorner is constantly evolving products like foundationConnect to reflect the needs in the marketplace. With multiple updates each year, such as the recent Winter ‘17 Release, products like foundationConnect are able to stay ahead of the curve. How does a product company ensure that their partners stay ahead of that curve as well?

Don’t Be a Stranger!

As roundCorner transitions customers to new versions of a product, extra care in communications is required to inform implementation partners about the changes. With new product release webinars and detailed release notes, partners are kept in the loop so they can ensure customer success. For this purpose, the foundationConnect staff stays close with partners in a number of ways:

  • Release Updates – After new releases, product release webinars give partners an opportunity to discuss the newest improvements in foundationConnect. Furthermore, partners can ask about the latest upgrade, providing feedback on the changes in functionality.
  • foundationConnect Partner Calls – During routine calls, the rC team updates partners on product developments in progress and answers any questions on foundationConnect.
  • Announcements and Reminders – The foundationConnect newsletter, sent to both partners and customers, includes relevant details for conferences, webinars, releases, and more.

foundationConnect Partner Training

Partner training helps onboard both new partners and the new staff members for existing partners. All are welcome at User Group Meetings and Product Advisory Group meetings as well, where they can continue to learn.

Foundations of all sizes attend User Group Meetings. There, partners are able to discuss various solutions they’ve implemented. As a result, partners come away with new innovative ideas to propose to their clients. After all, one of the biggest questions that foundations tend to ask is “How are other foundations doing XYZ?”

“It Takes a Village” Mentality

It is important to stay connected with partners and customers to build a lasting community. Through the foundationConnect customer community, partners can review roundCorner’s technical documentation and communicate with the fC team. Chatter is the best way to engage the team as well as other foundationConnect customers.

Aside from the fC community, partners have access to Salesforce’s partner ecosystem, which is the largest for any tech company in the world. Facilitated by the Power of Us Hub, this connection to others in the foundation sector is an invaluable resource. Consultants and system integrators are able to maintain expertise for organizations looking to implement foundationConnect.

Sputnik Moment is one of foundationConnect’s implementation partners, as well as the leader of the Phoenix Nonprofit User Group. To learn more, visit the teams of foundationConnect and Sputnik Moment at Peak Grantmaking’s GMN2017 Conference!

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