foundationConnect Spring '18 Release

By Julia Cannon

roundCorner is pleased to announce the foundationConnect Spring ‘18 release! This release focuses on improving the experience for your Grantseekers as well as your foundationConnect power users, and we think you’re going to be very pleased with the enhancements and brand new functionality.

Highlights of the foundationConnect Spring ‘18 Release

With the foundationConnect Spring ‘18 release, we’re offering several new features to further support the missions of your foundation and Grantseekers.

Enhancements to foundationConnect in Lightning

As many of you know by now, we made foundationConnect Lightning Ready for the Salesforce Lightning Experience last fall. With the Spring ‘18 release, we further enhance your experience of foundationConnect in Lightning by enabling all Grantseeker Portal and Reviewer Portal Visualforce pages for use in a Lightning Component.

This allows System Administrators to create a Salesforce Community from a Lightning template and include foundationConnect functionality, improving the experience for Grantseekers and Reviewers when they access the Community.

For detailed information about Salesforce Lightning, we encourage System Administrators to review Salesforce’s Lightning documentation.

Improving Grantseekers’ Experience With File Uploads

Up until now, Grantseekers were able to upload Salesforce files of up to 37MB. The foundationConnect Spring ‘18 release introduces a way for Grantseekers to upload files up to 2GB by leveraging a different API and a new Visualforce component. This improvement makes it easier for Grantseekers to share large files with Grants Managers through the portal, instead of having to use external file-sharing tools. It also decreases average upload times and introduces an upload progress bar so applicants can monitor upload times.

Campaign Quizzes Now Available in All Salesforce Languages

While the instructions on grant applications were already available in all Salesforce Languages, the application names and application-specific instructions (also known as the Campaign Quiz) were only available in English up until now.

With the Spring ‘18 release, we’ve made all Salesforce languages available for the application names and application-specific instructions. This allows you to provide your Grantseekers with their preferred language on the page where they start their grant application – in the US and around the world. It also saves valuable time for Grants Managers by eliminating the need to create multiple application initiation pages.

Notifications for Browser Support

In this release, we also added notifications of unsupported browsers for Grantseekers in foundationConnect. Please note that foundationConnect is no longer supported in Internet Explorer 9. As a result, Grantseekers using IE9 will see a message on unsupported features, like uploading attachments, encouraging them to access the application on a different browser. System Administrators can update and translate the notification to inform Grantseekers of the change.


We also included numerous improvements in the Spring ‘18 release. For example, we made several portal pages responsive for screens of 700 x 590 pixels and up to support new Lightning Community capabilities.

Additionally, questions and attachments can now be hidden from a Reviewer’s view of applications in the Communities portal. This gives staff more granular control over what Reviewers can see.

We also upgraded our virus scan server which increases foundationConnect’s security level.

Learn more

Remember, the improvements listed here are only the highlights. For a live demonstration of the foundationConnect Spring ‘18 release, join our webinar on Thursday, April 19. We also encourage you to explore the release notes.

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