By Julia Cannon

Today roundCorner announces the foundationConnect Spring ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with improvements to foundationConnect, so you feel empowered to build deeper relationships with your grantees and improve collaboration across your entire foundation.

foundationConnect is a cloud-based CRM and grants management solution for foundations. Built on Salesforce and delivered by roundCorner, it offers a grantee portal, reviewer portal, payment management, grantee report management, benchmarking, a budget module, and more. foundationConnect enables you to focus more on your mission and less on administration, so you can transform philanthropic giving and achieve a greater impact in the world.

Highlights of the Spring ‘17 Release

Over the past months, we implemented improvements to positively impact foundationConnect users across the organization as well as your grantseekers. Here, we highlight some of the improvements that we think will excite you most.

Greater Flexibility

The Spring ‘17 release of foundationConnect brings greater flexibility to foundations and grantseekers. On the Grantseeker Portal, foundationConnect now offers the ability to enforce more fields as required when System Administrators set up the Search/Add Members layout. This is particularly useful for foundations that need to customize the gathered data, for example by ensuring that everyone’s role is accurately defined for all collaborators on an application.  

Optionally, the Organization Name can be made editable on the Organization Profile, so that your grantseekers have the ability to make adjustments as needed. This improvement is available on the Grantseeker and Reviewer Portal.

Foundations now have more control over custom behavior with Docket Assignment. In addition to the standard Salesforce Campaign Lookup (Docket Lookup), we extended the functionality so that you have the ability to build additional layers of custom relationships between Dockets and Applications.

Usability Improvements

To empower you with best-in-class technology, we continue to make improvements to provide you with the most optimal user experience. In this release, we developed several enhancements to the Grantseeker and Reviewer Portal to help establish that desired experience.

For example, External Review records, Grantseeker Reports, and Amendment records now support file uploads larger than 6MB. 

For your peace of mind, we implemented popup warnings in several areas of the product to ensure Grantseekers save their work before navigating away from their task. Going forward, such warnings are available on Grantseeker Portal forms, Contact and Organization Profile Tabs, and External Reviews within the Reviewer Portal.

Performance Enhancements

Finally, some improvements will benefit all of our customers and relate to better overall performance of foundationConnect.

Code infrastructure improvements

We made updates to the way our code is written and stored, so that development can be faster, more efficient, and of higher quality upon release. We also make ongoing efforts to incorporate the most up-to-date technology and development practices.

Virus Scan Engine maintenance and improvements
  • Certificate renewal
  • New alerts and monitored scenarios
  • Hardware upgrade
Lightning analysis and planning
  • Analysing current functionality in Lightning
  • Planning for known Salesforce Lightning Roadmap additions and retirement of current Salesforce functionality

Learn more

Interested to see a live demonstration of these new improvements? Reach out to and we’ll send you the link to register for our foundationConnect Spring ‘17 release webinar on August 10.


For detailed information about the Spring ‘17 release, we encourage you to explore the release notes.

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