foundationConnect Winter '17 Release

By Julia Cannon

Today roundCorner announces the foundationConnect Winter ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new features and improvements to foundationConnect, so you feel empowered to build deeper relationships with your grantees and improve collaboration across your entire foundation.

foundationConnect is a cloud-based CRM and grants management solution for foundations. Built on Salesforce and delivered by roundCorner, it offers a grantee portal, reviewer portal, payment management, grantee report management, benchmarking, a budget module, and more. foundationConnect enables you to focus more on your mission and less on administration, so you can transform philanthropic giving and achieve a greater impact in the world.

Features of the foundationConnect Winter ‘17 Release

Over the past months, we’ve worked on new features and improvements that will positively impact foundationConnect users across your organization and your grantees. Here, we highlight some of the features that we think will excite you most.

Benchmarks and Grantee Reports

It is important for foundations’ Program Officers to learn about the impact of your grants. Moreover, to gain a better understanding of what was accomplished with your foundation’s grants, they need easy access to the latest information on grantees’ progress at all times.

Taking this into consideration, we’ve made it easier for grantees to provide your foundation with updates. Grantees can now provide benchmark updates to existing benchmarks as part of the grantee reporting process. Until now, they were only able to provide updates through the Benchmark tab. Additionally, Program Officers weren’t able to request updates on a schedule.

Docket Flexibility

You want to provide Grant Applicants with an effortless flow when they start a new grant application. The foundationConnect Winter ‘17 release gives System Administrators greater flexibility when setting up a grant round. Until now, grant rounds only displayed one type of quiz, either an Inquiry or a Request. This made it challenging for Applicants to quickly find and start the right application, and forced Grants Managers to set up Docket hierarchies to include multiple types of applications in a single round.

Going forward, Admins have the option to attach multiple quizzes to a single grant round, including a mix of Inquiry and Request types. This makes it easier to start an application for your Grantees, as there is no longer the need to click through several pages.

Grantee Roles

Sometimes a grantee’s team member fulfills more than one role on your application or grant. We recognized that your Grantees need the ability to assign these roles within foundationConnect. With this in mind, we now enable Grantee Portal users to assign multiple roles to them. For foundation staff, these roles display as Contact Roles on the Request.

Community Portal Navigation

We understand the importance of providing our clients with new features. But portal navigation is another aspect vital to leveraging all of foundationConnect’s functionalities.

With the Winter ‘17 release, we made major improvements to the foundationConnect portal navigation. Most noteworthy, your Grant Applicants will experience a more seamless and intuitive navigation when working on their grant applications. We also added more checks and controls for greater reliability and security of your data.

Unless otherwise specified, the new features listed above apply to the Communities version of the portal.


We’ve made many improvements to several areas of the product.

Grantee Portal

In order to provide you with the most valuable information, grant managers must be able to accurately see expenditures to date. Until now, the system was only able to do so for all Budget Categories combined, making it challenging to view the updates you need. Going forward, the portal calculates expenditures to date based on a specific Budget Category.

Another improvement we made allows Help Text to display on Profile tabs upon hover.

Community Portal

We made registration for Community portals fully self-service, so foundations have the option to automatically grant portal access to applicants without manual intervention or custom workflows. Foundations that want to maintain approval control of registration may continue to do so.

Reviewer Portal

A new “terms and conditions” field on the Reviewer Portal settings enables foundations to specify different agreements for different types of portal users.


It is important for foundations to track the entire lifecycle of grant records. Therefore, the Request Number field now populates at the Inquiry (Lead) stage automatically.

We also made several improvements to ensure even more stability of foundationConnect and enhanced security of your data. For example, we upgraded our AWS server for the .Net portal as well as our TLS protocols. Lastly, we’ve ensured that Community and .Net portal clients who use our virus scanning server can continue to do so until 2018.

Learn more

Interested to see a live demo of these new features? Reach out to and learn more about the foundationConnect Winter ’17 release.

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