By Diana Herst

Sure, you’ve done countless fundraisers! You know your drill. But what if you could take your fundraising efforts to the next level? We have nine fundraising tips for nonprofits that actually work.

1. Set Goals

Setting goals is the first step in successful fundraising. Before you ask your donors for money, determine how much you need and when you need it by. When setting deadlines, it’s essential to give donors enough time to make a donation, but you don’t want to give them too much time either. Creating some sense of urgency is a great way to raise more money in a shorter period of time.

2. Know Your Donors

Knowing who your donors are is fundamental when you want them to truly support your organization’s mission. In fact, nonprofits who know their donors raise more money than those who don’t. Recording each and every interaction with your donors helps you build a personal profile, allowing you to personalize the messages you send them.

3. Engage With Your Donors

It would be a waste to leave all the valuable information about your donors on the shelf. Utilize this information to engage them in the conversation, tailoring each message to their personal preference. After all, every donor is unique. Engaging with them on a personal level shows them you took the time and effort to find out more about them.

4. Embrace Technology

Times have changed. Embracing technology is one of the most essential fundraising tips we could give you. Over the past years, nonprofits have witnessed that simply sending your donors a fundraising letter or putting flyers on the wall are no longer the most efficient ways to raise money. Cloud-based fundraising tools can help you improve efficiency, build trusting relationships with donors and raise more money.

5. Be Where Your Donors Are

Having said that, feel free to continue to distribute those letters and flyers. But keep in mind, you need to be where your donors are. And that is online, on mobile, and social channels. Improved results and efficiency is what you’ll see when you take your fundraising efforts across different channels.

6. Host a Fundraising Event

Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to interact with your immediate network, dedicated donors and potential donors face-to-face. Keep in mind that fundraising events can do much more than fundraising alone; take the opportunity to raise brand awareness, for example by presenting your nonprofit’s mission or recent accomplishments.

7. Make It Easy for Your Donors

Let’s say your donors have decided to support your mission, but they’re having difficulties navigating your site, email or landing page, leaving them with no easy way to make a donation. This may be a worst case scenario, but simply put, we’re telling you to make it as easy as possible for your donors. Give them several ways to make a donation so they can decide which route is the best solution for them. Your calls-to-action should stand out and be prominent, regardless of which distribution channel.

8. Send a Thank-You Note

Not showing your donors your appreciation will reduce the chances of receiving a donation from them in the future. When a donor supports you in your mission, send them a short and simple thank you note. Acknowledge them and make them part of the community you’re building with your nonprofit.

9. Show Your Donors the Impact They Made

When all is said and done, don’t just move on to your next project. Increase your chances of future donations and get back in touch with your donors, making them aware of the impact they made by supporting your mission.

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Diana HerstDiana Herst is roundCorner’s Marketing Manager. Previously, she fulfilled the same position for local and international tech companies. Outside of work, Diana volunteers her time to the Alzheimer’s Association., and enjoys culinary adventures and travel.

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