Innovation never stops for nonprofits, and 2018 presents exciting opportunities for the sector. Recent developments in fundraising will continue to shape the way nonprofits connect with supporters and deliver on their missions.

We take a look at fundraising trends that are here to stay in 2018.

Sea Change in Sustained Giving

Historically, US nonprofits have been slower to adopt sustained giving practices than nonprofits abroad. However, we’re beginning to witness a marked transformation in the US.

US nonprofits are recognizing the increase in value per-donor that comes from sustained giving. Simultaneously, the convenience of sustained giving is starting to appeal to new donors. As payment systems have improved, there has been a generational shift in comfort with giving through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs).

As a result, more nonprofits are pursuing sustainers at every opportunity and investing resources into their monthly sustained giving programs.

Understanding Planned Giving

Nonprofits are gaining a better understanding of prospects for planned giving, and are increasing their marketing around them. The donor profile for a “planned giver” is often a long term donor who makes small gifts over several years. Donors with an ethic of “saving,” like teachers, social workers, and pastors, are also more likely to make planned gifts.

While nonprofits may have an understanding of planned giving, much of the public may not. This is reflected by the fact that the percentage of people with a will has gone down from 51% in 2005 to 44% in 2016. It may be up to nonprofits to educate their supporters about planned gifts.

Donors Channel Anger with “Rage Donations”

Donors are mad, and they’re looking to channel their frustration over current issues into change.

With the rise of “Rage Donations,” it’s critical for organizations to make giving as easy as possible. When a current event spurs a wave of rage donations to your mission, it’s crucial your organization makes the most of the opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence holds great promise for many sectors, and the nonprofit space is no exception. Many are advocating AI’s potential to streamline fundraising efforts and more for nonprofits.

In an article published by Salesforce.org, Oliver Shiel says artificial intelligence through Salesforce Einstein can help nonprofits measure fundraising performance, marketing ROI, as well as impact.

In an effort to advance AI’s best practices for the social industry, tech giants like Google, Amazon, and IBM started a Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society. This coalition is joined by tech partners like Salesforce as well as nonprofits like ACLU.

DIY Volunteer Efforts Enhanced by Tech

As events and volunteer management tools progress, nonprofits are empowering supporters to create their own DIY fundraising efforts.

Nonprofits like the National Kidney Foundation invite supporters to start their own fundraising event or campaign, providing customizable crowd-raising pages to help with recruitment.

Although brand management and volunteer recruitment may be more unpredictable at DIY events, these efforts can be a great help to your fundraising. Plus, it’s an exciting way for supporters to take initiative toward your mission.

When avid supporters wish to create their own fundraising opportunities for your cause, the right tools can empower them and their network of support.

We’re excited to see how these fundraising trends will help nonprofits achieve greater impact on the world. Let 2018 be a transformative year for your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts!

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