By Stuart Longley

Your foundation uses or is considering using Salesforce as its Constituent Relationship Management system (CRM), and exploring grants management solutions. You may have already found that your options are split into two categories–“native” and “integrated.”

Native solutions are built into Salesforce and operate completely within the Salesforce platform. Integrated solutions are situated outside of Salesforce, but share data and functionality through APIs or middleware.

What difference does this make for your foundation? The answer is not always obvious, until you go live with a new solution and it is too late. Native applications always result in smoother user experience, more consistent data quality, and a stronger use of the Salesforce platform.

Ensuring Success Through User Experience and Data Quality

User experience and data quality are the two most important factors for determining the success of a new system rollout. While user adoption varies by organization, we know that native solutions provide a more seamless and unified user experience. Staff do not have to move from system to system to manage their work, plugins for email, and mobile apps. This simplifies the user experience even further.

Similarly, data quality improves dramatically when everyone uses one system, rather than multiple systems with integrations that may or may not live up to their claims. Your systems are only as good as their data, and with a single source of truth, you are set up for long term success.

Additionally, a native application takes full advantage of the Salesforce platform’s CRM, customization, and security capabilities.

Achieve a 360 Degree View of Your Giving

With a grants management application built natively on Salesforce, your foundation can view its giving data and CRM data within a single solution. As a result, you achieve a more complete view of your foundation’s giving, making reporting a breeze.

In addition, you can create reports and automate both your giving and relationship data with the same familiar Salesforce tools (i.e. dashboards, workflows, new fields, etc.).

Ease of Customization

Native applications have the benefit of Salesforce’s ease of configuration to customize the solution. Non-technical staff can modify the system as needed with the same level of access as a software vendor’s support team. Users gain control and self sufficiency by tailoring the system without vendor involvement. Expanding the use of the system is easily achievable by using the largest marketplace of free and paid business apps, the Salesforce AppExchange.

This ease of customization saves costs and allows your solution to grow with your foundation.

After switching to foundationConnect, roundCorner’s native grants management and CRM solution, The Lemelson Foundation realized 40% in cost savings from no longer needing to pay for ongoing maintenance and customization.

“We looked at several cloud-based systems, but chose foundationConnect because it is natively built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce.”

– Jennifer Burran, Grants, Contracts, and IT Manager at The Lemelson Foundation

Best in Class Data Security

Salesforce makes security its #1 priority. Native solutions use’s security model, keeping all of your data safe within the Salesforce cloud. As a result, you have access to cutting edge security and best in class digital security practices.

Salesforce shares real-time updates on system performance and security via, and requires use of the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security), the most widely used security protocol in the industry for authentication and encryption.

With an integrated solution, data may leave the Salesforce platform to connect to external servers. Consequently, Salesforce’s security rules no longer apply, and your data security is dependant on the processes of the integrated solution.

When your grants management application is built natively on Salesforce, you can trust in the safety of data that remains in one database.

Learn More

Regardless of whether a grants management solution is native or integrated, it is most important that the solution meets your organization’s needs. However, natively built solutions offer many advantages that are worth taking into account.

To learn more about the benefits of managing grants with a native Salesforce solution, contact us.

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Stuart Longley is the Senior Business Development Manager for foundationConnect by roundCorner. Overseeing all day to day business aspects of foundationConnect, Stuart helps foundations adopt a unified solution to transform their philanthropic giving.

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