Higher Ed Technology in 2017

School is back in session, and higher ed technology continues to develop the business and learning environments at institutions. Specifically, current major themes on the blogosphere include the evolving role of CIOs and the outlook for university IT spending.

To illustrate, here are 5 recent articles that paint a picture of how cloud solutions are impacting higher education in 2017:

1. 15 Lessons From The Most Social CIOs in Higher Education

By: Vala Afshar, of @Salesforce

DisrupTV invites 3 CIO’s to share insight on how other CIOs can adapt to growing technology. To summarize, Vala Afshar breaks down the informative video interviews into 15 helpful tips.


2. The CIO of The New Digital Era

By: Berhanu Tadesse

As universities become increasingly dependent on technology, CIOs are responsible for much more than IT infrastructure. Certainly, the maturity of the cloud enables CIOs to achieve new standards of innovation across their institution.


3. 3 EdTech Hypotheses to Help Explain Small College Financial Resilience

By: Joshua Kim, via @insidehighered

What informs the economic health of an institution? Involving the CIO in campus-wide decision-making may be a critical factor.


4. Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration Growing in the Toughest Droughts

By: Brian Haugabrook, via @cioreview

In order to leverage the cloud and business intelligence tools, it’s critical for CIOs to have a strategic vision. As a result, institutions can transform data into effective insights.


5. Future Higher Ed IT Spending Will Be Driven by Cloud and Mobile

By: Meghan Bogardus Cortez, of @EdTech_HigherEd

IT spending is rising across universities, and cloud infrastructure is playing a big part. For this reason, universities increase the efficiency of their IT staffing. In 2016, cloud-based applications represented 39 percent of university IT applications, but that percentage is likely to grow to 62 percent by 2021.

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