By Swati Tyagi and Julia Cannon

roundCorner is pleased to announce the foundationConnect Summer ‘16 release is available.

Our product team has worked hard to empower your foundation with new features and enhancements. As a result, you can focus more on your mission and less on administration.

foundationConnect is a best-in-class CRM and grants management solution that transforms the way you manage philanthropic giving. It delivers a grantee portal, reviewer portal, reference portal, budget module, reporting and built-in integrations such as 501(c)3 and OFAC.

The Summer ‘16 release includes exciting new features and improvements to the solution.

Highlights of this release

Portal PfC_Verificationrofiles

First of all, enhancements to portal profiles allow you to gain greater control over what custom grantee information you want to collect with just a few clicks. We also made it easier for you to keep grantees’ information current and accurate at all times by enforcing a verification request within the application. Consequently, this eliminates the need for manual follow-up and saves staff valuable time.


Requests and Attachments

Having easy access to the right documents at the right time is crucial when you want to work efficiently. Therefore, we transformed the way you access grant-related documents and materials by offering a condensed view of these documents and materials in one place. As a result, you will no longer have to navigate through several tabs to find what you need.


3rd Party Apps

Unleash the power of the Salesforce AppExchange! foundationConnect now offers an easy way to plug in 3rd party apps directly within the foundationConnect portal. Most noteworthy, apps from the Salesforce AppExchange can now be configured in a few easy steps, including apps like Conga, SpringCM and DocuSign.

Reviewer Portal

The role of a reviewer is different for every foundation. To empower you with the flexibility your foundation needs, we enable you to offer External Reviewers increased visibility of grantee information.

Finally, foundationConnect also includes enhanced support for global applicants and reviewers. They now have the option to review applications in all Salesforce supported languages.

To learn more about the foundationConnect Summer ‘16 release and see a live demo of these new features, please reach out to marketing@roundcorner.com.

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