By Swati Tyagi and Mike Best

roundCorner is pleased to announce the NGO Connect Summer ‘16 release.

We have been working hard to empower you with new features and enhancements, so you can build and nurture life-long relationships with your constituents.

NGO Connect is the constituent centered fundraising solution for enterprise nonprofits. It delivers constituent engagement, fundraising, and online and offline giving in a single solution. With NGO Connect, you can better focus on your core mission.

The Summer ‘16 release includes exciting new features and improvements to the solution.

Highlights of This Release


Connect Form

We have made several enhancements to the Connect Form, improving the experience for both staff and donors.

First of all, the enhanced user interface empowers you to make donation forms more robust, reliable and efficient, so you can provide a more streamlined and consistent mobile donor experience. Another aspect we’re working on is a pilot program will include improved payment processor reliability that adds to this high quality experience, making donating easier and more seamless for your supporters. If your organization is interested in this pilot program, please contact support at

These improvements also provide gift administrators with more transparency of data and payment processing.



We know that your sustainer programs are one of the most important aspects for your organization. Therefore, we made it easier for gift officers and administrators to manage and configure sustainer programs. This enables improved quality control with more predictable outcomes.

The improvements make it easier for donors to make ad hoc payments, split monthly payments and more, which enable them with greater flexibility. As a result, you can foster trusting long-term relationships with them.



Improvements to Sponsorships give you better controls of transfer of sponsorships, which enable you to allocate hard credits to the right contact and account.

Also, NGO Connect now provides a more efficient search for sponsorship participants when receiving inquiries from donors. This helps staff get the right information at the right time.


To learn more about the NGO Connect Summer ‘16 release and see a live demo of these new features, please reach out to

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