By Libby Brouwer

While Dreamforce feels like the whole world is in San Francisco, not all Salesforce users are able to attend. So how do you make the most out of our industry’s major conference without being there? Or, for those of us who wish we could be in two places at the same time because there’s so much to do, how do you stay on top of all the exciting things taking place?

Follow Along on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, you know that the buzz about Dreamforce started months ago. Join in the conversation. There are some obvious folks to follow like @Dreamforce, @Salesforce, and @SFDCFoundation. Who else would be of interest to you? Does your consulting partner have a Twitter presence? Follow them! Want to know more about us? Follow @roundCause and @FdnConnect.

Don’t forget hashtags. #RoadtoDF15 will keep you apprised of everything happening before the kickoff. #DF15 and #Dreamforce will keep you going throughout the event itself. Have some favorite functionality? Follow along with #Trailhead or #Visualforce. Interested in what’s happening in the #DevZone or #FoundationZone? Follow. (You’re noticing a theme here.) Don’t forget about all of the #AwesomeAdmins who are bound to be tweeting up a storm. And yes, I’ll be there too, and you can follow me @creativecabbage.

Watch YouTube Videos

Salesforce is known for having great YouTube content. Dreamforce is no exception. Dreamforce Video has all of the Road to Dreamforce videos posted as well as the keynotes from last year. I bet if you stay tuned, you’ll be able find the keynotes from this year once they happen. You’ll also find recordings of the hands-on sessions posted at Salesforce Developers. Explore! See what other videos they’re sharing.

Stay Tuned to Periscope

This one is a bit of an unknown to me. What I can tell you is that Periscope was the hot topic at the Salesforce World Tour in New York. Based on that, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of it as Dreamforce unfolds. Have more insight? Please share.

Read a Blog or Two or Three

Salesforce is a sharing community. That lends itself to a vast array of bloggers. Some of my recent favorites include Women Code Heroes by @KierenJameson, ButtonClick Admin by @MikeGerholdt, and Admin Hero by @BrentDowney. Reading their posts is informative and fun year round.

Attend a User Group Meeting

It’s no surprise that this is one of my recommendations. (It almost always is.) Local User Groups often host presentation dry-runs leading up to Dreamforce. Attend to cheer on your fellow users and hear how someone else is using the platform. The meeting after Dreamforce often is a summary of take-aways from the event. Don’t know if there’s a User Group near you? Search for it in the Success Community.

Chat with Someone Who Attended

If you’ve ever run into someone who attended Dreamforce upon their return home, you’ll know that it’s the only thing on the brain. Use that to your advantage. Ask a question and listen as the stories unfold. You might be engaged in conversation for longer than you’d imagined.

Libby Brouwer

Libby Brouwer is a consultant at roundCorner and works with clients in the nonprofit landscape on a daily basis. Having always had one hand in fundraising and the other in technology, she has a passion for helping clients realize the benefits of one educating the other. Libby established the Philly chapter of Girly Geeks in January 2015, hosting monthly gatherings in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

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