Our Core Principles

Achieve the Quickest Path to Value

In today’s world of serious resource and capital constraints, no one has the budget or patience for drawn out projects that deliver uncertain value. At roundCorner, it’s all about time to value and delivering meaningful quick wins. NGO Connect and foundationConnect get you 80% of the way there; then our agile implementation process leverages the strength of the Salesforce platform and our industry experience to accelerate you to the finish line. There is no substitute for the momentum of rapidly realized results.

Enable Effective Business Processes

It’s about enabling better, more efficient work flows so you can spend less time on low value work and more time with what truly matters. roundCorner helps you obtain the right information to know which is which. We take the time to understand the intent and reason behind current practices, evolve them toward modern industry best practice and then partner with you to establish effective business processes and the most practical path forward.

Maintain an Enterprise View

Fragmented CRM isn’t Constituent Relationship Management at all. What falls through the cracks is the constituent experience and the ability to manage each relationship in its own context. We understand that it’s about interoperability and collaboration. Our job is to meet your unique needs by delivering quick wins while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. If your solution is not engineered with an enterprise view, it won’t scale and it won’t be sustainable.

Stay Native

The essence of maintaining cost effective agility is using the lightest touch possible. We are relentless in helping you avoid unnecessary customizations and ensure you do not erode the value proposition of cloud computing that brought you to the platform in the first place. There is no need to create the added weight of a custom object when a standard one will do. It’s about knowing how to use and extend versus create wherever possible. Our solutions are engineered to leverage the strengths of Salesforce sales, custom, collaboration and marketing clouds without over-engineering. We call this “staying native”.