By Kenneth Allen

Today, roundCorner announces the NGO Connect Spring ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new improvements, so you have everything you need to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your constituents.

NGO Connect is the constituent-centered fundraising solution for enterprise nonprofits. It delivers constituent engagement, fundraising, and online and offline giving in a single solution. Using NGO Connect, enterprise nonprofits focus more on their mission, raise more funds, and achieve a greater impact in the world.

Highlights of Spring ‘17 Release

The Spring ‘17 Release brings powerful improvements that positively impact your users as well as your constituents. Here, we highlight just a few improvements that we think will excite you most.

Batch Gift Entry

We continue to enhance the Batch Gift Entry tool for Data and Gift Entry staff. As of the Winter ‘17 release, Gift Entry staff were able to see up to 10,000 batches and batch templates in the Batch Gift Entry tool. Additionally, we introduced pagination, limiting each page to 200 search results. With the Spring ‘17 release, we made further improvements by accommodating an even easier search functionality to enable you to access the information you need more quickly than ever. Also, in addition to the previous and next buttons, we added a button that instantly lets you navigate to the first page of your search results.

Another enhancement we implemented improves at-a-glance data entry reconciliation. Going forward, the exact values of gifts are reflected on the first landing screen of the Batch Gift Entry tool as well as within a batch on the left hand side. This allows Entry staff to more quickly confirm exact gifts amounts for each record.

Before you try to process a transaction, you want to ensure the validity and authenticity of the payment method being used. NGO Connect’s Batch Gift Entry Tool now leverages the Luhn Algorithm, a checksum formula used to validate a variety of identification numbers, including credit card numbers. Designed to protect against accidental errors, a simple but powerful pre-check within NGO Connect now confirms that the data being entered into Credit Card fields matches the expected data.

Payment Processing

With the Spring ‘17 release, we enable organizations that use CyberSource or Vantiv with valuable enhancements to continue to accept online payments in the most reliable way. The enhancements are particularly beneficial for Gift Entry, Revenue and Accounting staff.

More specifically, staff at organizations that use CyberSource now have the ability to configure NGO Connect to receive additional information on transaction records. This gives you the tools to better manage transactions as well as act upon failed transactions.

Soft Credits

Soft credits are a truly powerful way to cultivate stronger relationships with your constituents, so we want to ensure NGO Connect supports your every need. We made improvements around Soft Credits, letting Gift Entry staff assign up to 10 Soft Credits for each individual gift when entered via the Batch Gift Entry tool. As a result, you have greater flexibility to manage your relationships while every constituent receives the recognition they deserve. For a quick video tutorial on how to add these fields to your Batch Gift Entry templates, as well as a few best practices for their use, click here.

Other Enhancements

Finally, as an ongoing effort, we continue to streamline NGO Connect’s underlying code so that processing activities operate more efficiently and further enhancements can be implemented in a quick and stable manner.

Learn more

Interested to see a live demonstration of these new improvements? Reach out to us at and learn more about the NGO Connect Spring ’17 release.

For more detailed information about the Spring ‘17 release, we encourage you to explore the release notes.

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