NGO Connect Spring '18 Release

By Michael Best

roundCorner is pleased to announce the NGO Connect Spring ‘18 release! The updates in this release focus on improving our customers’ user experiences and introducing efficiencies across many areas of NGO Connect. We think you’re going to be very pleased with the results.

Highlights of the NGO Connect Spring ‘18 Release

We’ve been hard at work to deliver improvements as well as brand new functionality to NGO Connect customers. We’ve outlined our release  highlights in this post.

Online Forms & Payment Processing

Nonprofits that use Vantiv payment processing now have access to additional Vantiv tools directly within NGO Connect’s online forms. These updates are part of roundCorner’s continued efforts to improve the security of our online forms and payment processing and prevent sophisticated fraudulent activity.

Additionally, we optimized the code behind our payment processing functionality for customers with tens of thousands of transactions to process. There is now less manual work required for these organizations to resolve challenges in processing this many transactions.

Hard Credit Rollup Efficiencies

Hard credit information for Contact records can now be rolled up more efficiently. Instead of running the job Contact_RollupHardCreditsBatchable separately, this job can now be included in the Async Recovery job. This saves Gift Processing teams valuable time.

Making Batch Upload More User-Friendly

We continue to refine our Batch Upload functionality so that nonprofits can import and process gifts with greater speed. In this release, we streamlined existing code and made improvements to error-handling by offering more user-friendly error messages.

For example, when a result set comes back and is too large, you previously saw error message “rC_Connect:Too many query locator rows: 10001”. We improved this error message to read “This result set is too large. Please refine your filter criteria to result in less than 10,000 results”.

Steward Your Donors with Action Plans

NGO Connect  Action Plans are now more flexible! Previously, task assignees had to be selected on the Action Plan Template level, resulting in too many Templates being created.

With the NGO Connect Spring ‘18 release, we’ve given users the ability to select assignees on the Action Plan level, allowing for increased flexibility when using the same Template for different Action Plans.

Supporting Large-Volume Relationship Management

Now System Administrators can ensure users see a more relevant reflection of constituents’ relationships. This is accomplished by disabling non-applicable Relationship Record Types.

Additionally, we also improved NGO Connect’s custom Manage Related Relationships Visualforce page to support your constituent accounts with a large number of relationships. Newly added pagination allows users to more easily view, digest and make critical connections between connections.

Greater Control Over Data in Batch Gift Entry Data

Improvements to the Batch Gift Entry (BGE) Heroku app allow for greater flexibility and control over your data by adding new entry values like the Contact Role on a Soft Credit. Additionally, we’ve optimized code behind the BGE tool and reduced the likelihood of timeout errors and greatly improved page load performance.

To create a better user experience, we also improved the BGE login interface with more explicit and helpful instructions.

Learn more

To see a live demonstration of the many enhancements in the NGO Connect Spring ‘18 release, get the registration link and join the webinar on Thursday, May 17.

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