roundCorner Unveils Most Impactful Upgrade in History

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the release of NGO Connect Summer ‘18! The roundCorner team is passionate about improving our software to better enable you to raise more funds and more efficiently deliver your mission. With this release, we debut major new features and enhancements to help you achieve greater impact with the help of our technology. Watch the video and keep reading below.

New In NGO Connect Summer ‘18

The list of new features and improvements is long, so we’re covering the features that improve the way you operate and raise money. We’ve also completely redesigned our release notes, so check them out for comprehensive release details.

Powerful Performance Improvements to Help You Work Faster

As an enterprise nonprofit, processing hundreds of thousands of gifts needs to be efficient and scalable. What if we told you that NGO Connect can now process transactions 354% faster?

We’ve accomplished this by introducing a new parallel framework that enables organizations to process multiple transactions simultaneously. Long gone are the days of single transaction processing.

We’ve also redesigned job notifications so that Batch Job users receive descriptive and actionable updates about successes and failures. This enables them to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster.

Additionally, parallelized Batch Upload allows you to process multiple records at once. With processing speeds 67% faster than ever before, this improvement empowers you to save valuable time and get the job done faster.

Monthly sustainer giving is an important and rapidly growing fundraising method for nonprofits – for some, it’s almost a lifeline. In Summer ’18, you can run Update Sustainers up to 120% faster!

How, you might ask? We made improvements to the way transactions are updated by refining our processing logic to eliminate unnecessary updates.

All of the above numbers were gathered through internal benchmark testing; you can find more details in our release notes.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention to Protect Against Security Risks

Online fraudsters are quick to find and work around any loopholes in online credit card submissions, so we are constantly evolving and improving our fraud prevention measures.

With NGO Connect Summer ‘18, we introduce a new framework to reduce fraudulent transaction attempts on your online donation forms. This powerful framework validates session information prior to sending information to a payment processor.

NGO Connect already integrated with Worldpay’s Advanced Fraud Detection and required CVV to protect nonprofits from fraudulent activity. With the additional framework in NGO Connect Summer ‘18, you now have access to a comprehensive toolset to prevent security risks and financial crimes.

Additionally, Transactional Mode Processing of online donation forms is now generally available. This feature empowers Gift Administrators to track payment processing attempts, failures, and errors with greater visibility and more reliable data. Ultimately, this allows for more granular reporting capabilities and eliminates the possibility of charging a donor without recording a corresponding Batch Upload record. Plus, it lets you monitor who submits an online form in real-time!

Customizable Query Filters to Process Data More Efficiently

Managing vast amounts of data is a major undertaking. Processing and segmenting this data can be downright challenging, even when you use sophisticated technology.

With NGO Connect Summer ‘18, we’ve added Customizable Query Filters to the following jobs to help you run several key processes faster and more effectively:

  • Update Sustainers – the job that creates future open transactions for sustaining gifts
  • Batch Upload Batchable – the job that processes Batch Upload records
  • Prepare Payment Requests – the job that prepares transactions to be sent to the payment processor when using parallel charge processing
  • Update Payment Transactions – the job that updates transactions with payment response information when using parallel charge processing

Using the new query filters, you can more easily prioritize records, narrow the scope of records and process the exact data you need.

A New Object to Gain Error Insights: Batch Job Run

With NGO Connect Summer ‘18, we’re introducing a new object, Batch Job Run, that provides context for job execution timing and errors.

What’s the point? When things go wrong, it is important to have all of the right information on hand. The new Batch Job Run object will help you identify issues when running key jobs. For example, you can now see the average time it takes to run a certain job, and how one job led to another.

Greater Control Over Account Renaming

We know that your accounts can have hundreds of associated gifts. But when you need to rename an account, do you want the name change to reflect on every single gift?

Maybe so, maybe not… That’s why we’re introducing a new custom setting that gives you greater control over how account renaming is applied to associated gifts.

The new custom setting, along with the ability to update opportunity names asynchronously, will save many of you a lot of time and frustration, so we’re excited we were able to deliver this with NGO Connect Summer ‘18.

Improved Push Notifications When You Run Jobs

If you’ve ever scheduled a job only to forget to check in with it at a later time, you’re not the only one. How about losing precious time on a failed job run only to learn about the delay hours (or a day!) later?

To solve this problem, we’ve improved how job notifications are sent to users. Going forward, you will see email notifications that include more detailed summaries, exceptions, information about successes and failures (and how to take steps to resolve them!), and links to Batch Job Runs. This means information related to jobs is proactively brought to you and no longer requires you to search for the details you need.

A Streamlined Batch Gift Entry: Fewer Clicks and Less Time Spent

Where do we begin? With over 25 improvements, get ready for a better experience in Batch Gift Entry (BGE)!

For example, it’s now much easier to add soft credits, enter and review gifts, and display fields and validation rules on-screen. We also made improvements to the navigation, added keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier, and improved the way credit cards are validated and encrypted.

We’re happy to report that the improvements to Batch Gift Entry saves on average seven clicks per entry. Gift entry is 33% faster in Summer ‘18 than in the previous release, so you will save valuable time with each entry.

What’s Next?

And there you have it! We’ve covered a portion of our Summer ‘18 work. If you want additional release details or to review our redesigned release notes, click here.

To see these new features in action, join our webinar on Thursday, October 4 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET. Register here.

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