NGO Connect Winter '17 Release

By Kenneth Allen and Mike Best

Today, roundCorner announces the NGO Connect Winter ‘17 release! We’re so excited to provide you with new features and improvements, so you have the tools to continue to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your constituents.

NGO Connect is the constituent-centered fundraising solution for enterprise nonprofits. It delivers constituent engagement, fundraising, and online and offline giving in a single solution. Using NGO Connect, enterprise nonprofits focus more on their mission, raise more funds, and achieve a greater impact in the world.

Highlights of Winter ‘17 Release

We worked on many new features and improvements that positively impact your users as well as your constituents. Here, we highlight just a few of the features that we think will excite you most.

Relationship Visualizer

The Relationship Visualizer enables Prospect Researchers, Gift Officers, and Development Directors to convert data and records into actionable and insightful information. Lists offer valuable information, but are sometimes overwhelming. The Relationship Visualizer offers you an instant view of how a constituent connects to another constituent. Users also see how constituents could potentially impact future engagements by giving you a visual representation of constituents’ networks and potential spheres of influence.

With the Winter ‘17 release, we’ve updated the Relationship Visualizer so that data is visually cleaner and more useful. Until now, the tool showed data related to Giving records for Contacts and Accounts. We’ve filtered out Transaction records to empower you with just the data you need to manage your stewardship and cultivation strategies.

Batch Gift Entry

We understand the importance of efficient gift entry into NGO Connect and continue to enhance data entry avenues to meet your needs. Now, we offer your Gift Entry team even greater flexibility and performance than before.

Your Gift Entry team can now include more fields in Batch Gift Entry with absolutely no impact on your daily activities from a response perspective. We’ve also improved flexibility in your ability to perform searches while entering data.

Form Builder Improvements

A few customers have recently experienced a tremendous increase in their online constituency. As such, we want to ensure that NGO Connect supports those needs. The Winter ‘17 release brings significant improvements to Campaign and Online forms, positively impacting System Administrators and Online users.

For example, we reduced the number of page views being requested on our forms by half – in some cases, even more. As a result, the Form Builder is more lightweight and dynamic. Users will also notice faster page load times and significant Salesforce bandwidth savings.

Usability Enhancements

To enhance the usability, we’ve taken steps to improve daily interaction for your power users. For example, optimized Help text, more accurate error messages, and improvements to Administrative field-level controls. We’ve also made enhancements to the presentation layer by minimizing unused space, and have many more enhancements for you.

Learn more

Interested to see a live demo of these new features? Reach out to and learn more about the NGO Connect Winter ’17 release.

For more detailed information about the Winter ‘17 release, please refer to the release notes.

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