With over 7,000 nonprofits in attendance last year, Dreamforce is THE largest nonprofit technology conference in the world. Not only does Dreamforce give nonprofits opportunities to learn about new technology; you’ll also learn how it can help you fulfill your mission more effectively Whether Salesforce is critical to your day-to-day operations today, or if you’re considering it, don’t miss out on this major event!

And Dreamforce is there to accommodate those who do good. Full time employees of an organization recognized as a charity, nonprofit or nongovernmental organization get access to a discount code, letting them attend the conference ar a fraction of what other pays. We think this is a good enough reason to go, but if you need more reasons, than that, here are some more things that you’re going to get out of attending Dreamforce.

Get Inspired

At Dreamforce, you will learn how other nonprofits have used Salesforce to innovate, increase their impact and surpass their missions. You will meet not only your peers, but will be able to connect with other industries, opening your eyes to the many different ways people leverage Salesforce in the nonprofit and for-profit industries.

Get The Latest and Greatest

Every year at Dreamforce, Salesforce announces something new and exciting coming to the Salesforce cloud. It is vital for nonprofits to stay up to speed with the latest technologies, so consider Dreamforce as a chance to see where technology is headed and what your next steps should be for your organization.

Get Trained

We all know that getting your hands dirty is one of the best ways to learn. Dreamforce offers dozens of hands-on training sessions that will give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and Salesforce skills. You will have access to 1,500 information sessions, 1,000+ product demonstrations, certifications and many other educations opportunities from product developers and thought leaders.

Get Welcomed

For all of us at roundCorner, Dreamforce is the perfect opportunity to meet our customers and partners in person, whether it’s at our booth, during meetings or even at this year’s U2 concert! Each year we get to meet new people who share the love for Salesforce with us. Let us share how roundCorner can help further your nonprofit’s mission!

Register for Dreamforce today.

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