As we’re heading towards 2016, you only have a few days left to get in those gifts before the year ends. The nonprofit space is ever evolving, and trends continue to change the way you reach your donors.

To give you a head start we want to make sure you know of some of the major nonprofit trends for 2016 so you can turn it into a bigger and better year.

Are you ready for these trends?

Trend #1: Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaigns

We know the majority of your gifts still come through traditional means. As a result, some of you might not be so keen on launching multi-channel campaigns. But here’s why you should…

Think of your future donors.

While your current donors may prefer to give through old-fashioned paper, your new and future donors were raised in an era of digital transformation, giving them instant access to anything, anywhere and anytime. You need to be where they are so you can attract them.

When they are opening their mail when they come home at night, checking their email when they wake up in the morning, or catching up on social media while on their lunch break, give them as many opportunities to give to your organization as possible.

Trend #2: Personalization and Localization

Once upon a time personalization did not matter. Today personalization is one of the most important topics when you’re trying to reach your donors. But personalization is so much more than getting the name right in a letter.
Building a comprehensive image of each of your donors and establishing a 360° view of their relationships, personal preferences and historical interactions lets your organization better engage donors in your mission.
Moreover, as parts of the country and the world continue to go through social and political changes in 2016, it pays to put effort into a localized approach that attracts the audience to your core mission.

Trend #3: Outsourcing Operational Tasks

Complex operational process are a time-consuming effort for your staff, taking away valuable time from what really matters to your organization, which is achieving your fundraising goals and making a bigger impact in the world.

As organizations are looking to work more efficiently, outsourcing operational business process are increasingly common in the nonprofit space, giving your staff the ability to focus 100% on your core mission. And outsourcing tedious operational work comes with more benefits! Organizations we have worked with at roundCorner have been able to regain control over their operational budget and reduce costs.

Let 2016 be the year you change around your operational processes. Happy New Year from the roundCorner team.

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