Org Health Assessment by roundCorner

By Melanie Campbell

When was the last time your organization got a check-up? At a healthy organization, the implementation of new applications reflects your business processes. Certainly, NGO Connect and Advancement Connect provide you the flexibility to achieve this. Through updates and customizations, you can ensure your solution is in tune with your org.

However, with any application, it can be difficult to make changes without causing downstream effects. In this sense, application features connect like the organs and systems of the human body. If you are a customer of roundCorner’s, our team can perform an org health assessment of your configuration.

Keeping an Eye on Your Org

Keeping an Eye on Your Org - Org Health Assessment by roundCornerConsider the dynamic between the eye and the brain–the eye takes in information, which the brain processes to allow someone to see. When I was in college, I observed this dynamic as a member of a research lab that researched aspects of the visual system. At roundCorner, I observe similar interdependencies within orgs. For example, hard credit and soft credit features rely on each other to support giving management.

Your organization’s evolving needs will drive changes to different features of the application. With proper foresight and planning, you can prevent unintended consequences. To illustrate, a doctor will explain to a patient the impact of an injury to the eye and its treatment. In this scenario, the correct treatment not only depends on its impact to vision, but to other bodily functions as well. Likewise, a successful admin will explain to system users the impact of a change to a feature. By predetermining a change’s impact on system processes, an org makes healthy progress.

roundCorner’s Org Health Assessment

Combining industry knowledge and product expertise, roundCorner performs org health assessments for customers. With this assessment, we measure the functional and system level health of an organization. By taking these measures, customers can optimize their systems for their business processes.

About the Author

Melanie Campbell is the Customer Support Analyst at roundCorner. Melanie provides support to customers so that they can make the most of NGO Connect and Advancement Connect.

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