Meet the roundCorner team

Dan Kanka

CFO & Founder

Nick Ward roundCorner

Nick Ward

Chairman of the Board

Shannon Davisson roundCorner

Shannon Davisson

VP, Organizational Strategy & Development

Dave Hisler

Dave Hisler

Vice President of Services

Philip Nelson roundCorner

Philip Nelson

Sr. Director of Engineering

Kendra Carter roundCorner

Kendra Carter

Vice President, Managed Services and Support

Erin McHugh Saif roundCorner

Erin McHugh Saif

Vice President of Product

Tim Ay roundCorner

Timothy Ay

Principal Consultant

Tim Royer roundCorner

Tim Royer

Principal Consultant

Joshua McDaniel

Solution Architect

Sharif Shaalan roundCorner

Sharif Shaalan

Manager, Technical Architects


Stuart Longley

Sr. Business Development Manager, foundationConnect

Stephen Earheart roundCorner

Stephen Earheart

Technical Architect, roundData

Mike Best roundCorner

Michael Best

Product Manager

Yina Chun roundCorner

Yina Chun

Customer Support Lead

Jen Higgins roundCorner

Jen Higgins

Product Manager

Todd Gorman

Senior Consultant

Diana Herst roundCorner Director of Marketing

Diana Herst

Director of Marketing

Cidar Mendizabal

Manager, DCOE

Corinne Mark

Principal Consultant

Eugene Pugach

Manager, Product Support

Gretchen Jerva

Manager, Managed Services

Kanika Anand

Sr. Business Analyst, QE Lead

Melissa Craig

Human Resources

Lawrence Utley roundCorner

Lawrence Utley

Senior Consultant

Marquetta Drakes

Principal Consultant

Wendy Davis

Customer Success Manager

Sarah Botes

Sr. Business Development Manager

Dan Goemans

Technical Architect

John Adams

Principal Consultant

Heinchelle Lee

Data Migration Specialist

Gabriel Csanalosi

Senior Consultant

Niraj Shrikhande

Solution Architect

Chris Delja

Principal Consultant

Julia Cannon Women in Tech

Julia Cannon

Senior Product Manager, foundationConnect

KC Huang roundCorner

KC Huang

Senior Campaign Consultant in Managed Services

Dale Craker

Support Analyst, fC

Melanie Campbell roundCorner

Melanie Campbell


Samantha Worsham

Principal Consultant

Kim Hudson

Production Support Lead

Karen Belcher

Business Analyst

Autumn Romanchek roundCorner

Autumn Romanchek

Principal Consultant, Customer Success

Torie Carruth-Azar

Manager, Customer Success

Bennett Donovan

Director, Client Services

Charles Allen

Senior Salesforce Developer

Alison Meyer

Technical Product Manager

Carey Myslewski roundCorner

Carey Myslewski

Senior Salesforce Developer

Suzanne McNutt


Reed Odeneal roundCorner

Reed Odeneal

Build & Release Engineer

Lynn Maloof Business Analyst roundCorner

Lynn Maloof

Senior Business Analyst

Kate McCormick Heinzer roundCorner

Kate McCormick Heinzer

Campaign Consultant

Jolanda Porter

Senior Consultant

Jenny Storch

Campaign Consultant


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