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What’s the latest in the world of philanthropy? Learn about new ideas, trends and practices with these 5 informative articles:

1. Change Incubator Story — What Are Some Whys and Hows of Grantee Inclusion?

By: Justin Laing, of @GEOfunders

How do you make philanthropy a sector focused on justice? Here are nine principles behind the practices that build true grantee inclusion.


2. Funders – are you doing these five awesome things?

By: Jen Bokoff, of @GrantCraft

As a foundation, what can you do to make nonprofits happy? Consider these 5 aspects of building relationships with grantees and the communities you’re looking to serve.


3. The Potential of Limited Life Philanthropy in Uncertain Times

By: John Esterle, of @TWI_2022

What does the current political climate mean for strategies in grantmaking? Learn why limited lifespans might be the best way to ramp up your foundation’s impact.


 4. Why Evaluations Are Worth Reading – Or Not

By: Rebekah Levin, via @Glasspockets

Evaluations offer great potential to inform and guide foundations in their strategy. Do they always live up to this potential? Here are 5 essential traits of a useful evaluation.


5. Event Recap: Pride Funders Panel

Via @GrantSpace

How can foundations resist trends of intolerance towards LGBTQ communities? Foundation leaders discuss messaging around LGBTQ causes, as well as ways to collaborate across issues to make an impact.


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