By Lisa Fay Wellek

NGO Connect is far more than a data repository or tool that simply captures and manages transactions. If the stars align with strategy, staffing and organizational buy-in, NGOC can serve as a bona fide team member, working all hours to provide your team targeted information at the right time that will inform and guide engagement and fundraising strategy – the stuff humans do best.

So Much Data! Capitalizing on Constituent Points of Entry

Nonprofits have multiple constituent points of entry, many of them now being through the web. Web forms can be integrated with NGO Connect providing real-time information about constituents, their preferences and any other critical information that helps you cultivate a meaningful relationship that leads to dollars for your mission. For example, if you are a disease related charity, knowing the constituent’s connection to your disease informs strategy.

Automating Anecdotes?!

Your fundraisers know the points of entry that lead to the best donors. You can automate these stories. For example, start with what your fundraisers say constitute the most successful traits that lead to the big bucks, layer in weekly automated wealth screening and take the highest rated (defined by your organization and of course, wealth screening should be taken with a grain of salt) and automatically populate opportunities and an initial next step for your Development staff. Through automation, you can continuously provide your fundraisers real prospects in a timely manner close to when a constituent knocks on your door. NGO Connect can do all this for you.

Evolve and Adjust, It Will Never Be “Done”

As you start seeing these automation efforts in practice, you have to evaluate, learn, adjust and add complexity. Check-in with your Development Officers and get their thoughts on the quality of prospects you’re providing. It’s possible that what they thought was the best point of entry isn’t. At the onset, set that expectation with your team. Non-profits and its donors are dynamic; this process will always evolve.

Your New World! The Stars Align

Finally, as you expand your marketing and digital efforts and add or adjust points of entry, integrate these constituents in this pipeline process. Ultimately, you’ll be able to begin the cultivation process more quickly and ultimately demonstrate impact by growing your prospect pipeline.

If you are a current NGO Connect customer or considering NGO Connect, you have the tools at your disposal to let your fundraisers focus on fundraising.

Lisa Fay Wellek

Lisa Fay Wellek is a consultant with roundCorner. She has worked in the nonprofit sector – university, membership and health sectors – for 20 years with focus on integrating CRM with fundraising. She was with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) for 10 years in various roles including Chief of Staff for Development and most recently, National Director of CRM Strategy. Outside of work, she is studying to be a personal trainer.

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