Before I discuss why roundCorner is acquiring FoundationConnect, I first want to say that our hat is off to the NPower team and its FoundationConnect customers. Together they have imagined and delivered a product, built on Salesforce, that is transforming the grant making life cycle for dozens of organizations.

Congratulations on what you have accomplished. We look forward to continuing the collaborative innovation on that solid foundation, blending the experience of FoundationConnect customers with our strengths in product engineering and management. Above all, we thank you for the opportunity to play a part in the next stage of FoundationConnect’s evolution.

At roundCorner, we are a group of technologists and business people who care deeply about causes and the people who pursue them. We founded our company on the notion that nonprofits deserve access to best assets and tools, giving them the greatest opportunity for mission achievement.
We are acquiring FoundationConnect, the industry leading cloud-based Grant Management Application from NPower. With this acquisition, we deliver on our commitment and reach another milestone in our mission to enable every nonprofit the chance to radically improve its operations and excel at its mission.

In previous blogs we explored the shifting landscape you navigate as traditional and emerging practices converge in the nonprofit world. We’ve talked about recognizing these changes and the increasing importance of updating traditional practices to incorporate some of the new. And we are committed to providing solutions that help bridge those two worlds and exploit each to its fullest potential.

Against this backdrop I want to put this acquisition into context. It’s a logical progression for roundCorner as a company and three themes we introduced in previous blog posts should provide that context and give you some insights into our thinking.

The Giving-to-Grant Continuum. We introduced this theme to reinforce that nonprofits truly do operate along a continuum. For leaders that continuum is increasingly digital and optimized around technology. We are committed to enable our clients to excel up and down that entire continuum.

The Connected Constituent. We have fully embraced the theme of a Connected Constituent and the need of nonprofits to be equally connected to fully develop and sustain relationships. It really doesn’t matter where that Constituent falls along the giving-to-grant continuum; serving Constituents the way they want to be served at that particular juncture increasingly requires access to technology. We are committed to enabling those connections.

Invent. Acquire. Innovate. We explored the three primary paths that technology companies like ours follow to deliver value for customers. For roundCorner, we have chosen to be an Innovator on behalf of our customers on the platform. Innovating on their platform ensures all our investment is in solutions rather than infrastructure. When we find an opportunity to invest in a third party to enhance Constituent experience, we will make it. We are committed to being the cloud-based gold standard for every nonprofits’ operations.
Why is this acquisition so strategic to roundCorner? Like our roundCause offering, FoundationConnect is built on We are further embracing and enhancing the Salesforce platform and increasing the momentum that is building for Salesforce and roundCorner to fulfill our shared mission of enabling every nonprofit to excel at its mission.

And why is it meaningful to you? Because we think it is evident that roundCorner will continue innovating and acquiring on your behalf as you work to excel at connecting with your constituents all across the giving-to-grant continuum.

The future may be in the cloud, but it really isn’t cloudy at all.

Read the full press release here

Dan Lammot
Dan Lammot is President & Founding Partner of, a backed team of more than sixty people will work tirelessly in partnership with you to transform the way you achieve your mission. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him @roundlammot.

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