roundCorner Digital Transformation

The true test of mission-aligned digital organizations is how well governance, software, hardware, and staff skills work in concert to further social purpose.” 

– Lucy Bernholz & Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Over the last 9 years, roundCorner’s mission has been to enable nonprofits to become constituent-centered, so they can accelerate resolutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. Along the way, in partnership with our customers, we’ve learned what this really means and what a challenge it really can be. As a team, it’s a great honor to help many of the largest and most impactful nonprofits take the first step to the cloud. And when we see the successes our products and services bring, we feel a sense of pride. At the same time, we understand that it’s not just about moving to the cloud – and so we remain unsettled. Taking stock of our nearly decade of experience, we’d be doing our customers a great disservice if we did not step back and ask ourselves, “Are we doing everything we can?”

The evolution to the cloud is part of a larger movement impacting every industry. It causes organizations to rethink the way they manage data, integrate systems, and what experience is required to create value for users of technology and the constituents they serve. Whether it’s cloud computing, crowdsourcing, increasing mobility, IoT, or AI, this Digital Transformation impacts every part of organizations. In fact, experts say that organizations that are unwilling to adapt to this changing world – or are not nimble enough to do so – could cease to exist a few years from now. Nonprofits and foundations are no exception.

We recognize that digitization in the nonprofit sector is unique. It requires more than just moving off of legacy systems or automating processes to make things more efficient. It’s also about aggregating the vast amount of data in a way that provides meaningful insights, so nonprofits can create personalized constituent experiences that form a foundation of lasting relationships. To paraphrase a recent statement from a top 100 US nonprofit CIO, “Behind our brand and our team, the data in our systems is our most important asset.”

Additionally, it’s about re-thinking the way people connect and communicate with each other and issues they care about. A major technology transition requires evaluation of traditional services and business processes that enterprise nonprofits have employed for years, and that may be rendered redundant or inefficient today. It’s about reimagining new services and processes that will be enabled or created by these changes. It’s uncovering the real strategic implications that nonprofit leaders have to grapple with as they redefine their missions and roles in a digital environment.

For those of us who have poured our life’s work into enabling nonprofits, we know that simply launching a new cloud-based CRM is not enough. For nonprofits to truly reach their goals and achieve their mission, a long-term commitment to the thoughtful and deliberate alignment of people, process, and technology is required.

With a desire to further our commitment to changing the way people change the world, roundCorner has decided to launch the first Digital Transformation initiative in the ecosystem to research and address these needs in the nonprofit sector.

As part of roundCorner’s Digital Transformation initiative, nonprofits can take advantage of the following offerings:

  • Publications, webinars and blog posts based on research and deep experience implementing, supporting and evolving cloud solutions in partnership with large enterprise nonprofits. We will focus on all aspects of the digital transformation framework – people, process, and technology.
  • A Digital Transformation Services offering based on roundCorner’s methodology for nonprofits focused on accelerating their digital transformations.
  • Product strategy recommendations for roundCorner’s product based on best-in-class nonprofit digital innovations across the globe and technology platforms.

Our decision to launch this program comes with a great deal of introspection. Our investment in a Digital Transformation initiative is an essential step to further enable our customers with all the right technology that the industry has to offer, as well as with a clear strategy alignment that ensures direct impact to nonprofits’ missions. In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more about this initiative and our findings. Follow our blog and social media accounts to stay current with our developments.

Rubin Singh will be transitioning from his role as Director of NGO Solutions to lead this important initiative on behalf of roundCorner, coupling his passion for social innovation with his years of experience leading teams and partnering with 10 of the top 100 US nonprofits on complex, transformational CRM projects. If you’d like to learn more about roundCorner’s Digital Transformation initiative and Strategic Services offering, please contact Rubin at

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