NGO Connect in Lightning

Salesforce Lightning: It was never an if – it was always a when

by Dan Lammot

A few months ago I wrote about roundCorner’s strategy for adopting the exciting updates Salesforce is making to the platform with Lightning. Today it is time for a brief update.

In fact, I am very happy to report we made great progress toward delivering Lightning Ready versions of our applications. roundCorner passed Salesforce’s Lightning Ready assessment and achieved Lightning Ready badges for all our products. Expect these upgrades to be packaged for distribution with our next feature release. In the meantime, I invite you to view updated screenshots on the AppExchange for NGO Connect, Advancement Connect and foundationConnect.

NGO Connect in Lightning

foundationConnect in Lightning

You may be wondering – what does Lightning Ready mean? The simple definition from Salesforce states “100% of your end-user use cases must work as expected in Lightning.”

Salesforce Lightning

As a result of these upgrades, roundCorner customers have the option to enable Lightning in their orgs and use all our product capabilities.

“I am very excited to begin our next phase of innovation with Salesforce Lightning! Lightning offers more than just a look and feel improvement for our customers. It drives improvements in productivity through its modern, intelligent and visual approach to functionality. A great customer experience is the most precious reward for the Product Management team at roundCorner,” says Swati Tyagi, Senior Director of Product Management at roundCorner.

For more information on Salesforce’s evolution from Aloha to Lightning, we recommend you review Salesforce’s Lightning Experience Roadmap.

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