Salesforce Lightning: It’s not an if – it’s a when

By Dan Lammot

Since its creation in February of 1999, the Salesforce platform has evolved from an elegantly simple SaaS Salesforce Automation app to the world’s most innovative Cloud platform. I’ve worked with Salesforce technology on behalf of large-scale enterprise customers in the commercial and nonprofit sectors for over 13+ years.I learned to find a balance between the break-neck pace of marketing and the iterative, customer-focused product delivery approach Salesforce follows. A few notable examples include these major Salesforce releases I’ve witnessed: AppExchange (2005), Apex (2006), Chatter (2009), (2010), Communities (2013), Wave (2014), and now Lightning (2015…).

It’s a delicate balance, but experience has taught us that patience best serves our enterprise Nonprofit, Education and Foundation customers who rely on our products for mission critical fundraising and grant management operations. This would all be different if we were simply deploying a basic database template instead of a fully transactional PCI compliant fundraising platform.

That’s why we’ve been thoroughly evaluating Salesforce Lightning and working to upgrade our applications since before the first public announcement was made. It’s never been an “if” – it’s always been a “when”. roundCorner will release Lightning Compatible versions of our products over the next 9-15 months as Lightning matures. This includes improved Lightning UI speed and feature completion for our enterprise customers. You may find the following Salesforce Help and Training articles that compare Classic & Lightning, detail Features Not Available in Lightning, which Sales Cloud features are not yet available in Lightning, and the full Lightning experience roadmap useful.

As a Platinum ISV Partner, we’re incredibly excited for the day we can announce Lightning Compatibility for our products. Know it’s one of our top product priorities and we’ll make it available to you as soon as it’s ready.

In the meantime, if you want to gain first-hand experience, you can Lightning enable some of your users in a Sandbox today and test your current deployment of NGO Connect, Advancement Connect or foundationConnect in Salesforce Lightning.

Here’s a preview of NGO Connect and Advancement Connect in a Lightning environment so you can see what will be coming your way soon!

NGO Connect Account in Lightning:

Advancement Connect Contact in Lightning:

Advancement Connect Giving in Lightning:

Advancement Connect Action Plan View:

NGO Connect Report View in Lightning:

NGO Connect Dashboard View in Lightning:

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