There’s incredible opportunity to transform the way people think about nonprofits organization. To let the world know that low overhead is not the way the world gets changed, and that inadequate donated resources are not the path to global transformation. The Charity Defense Council is a nonprofit organization that takes on this opportunity to change the way the world thinks about nonprofits. And they need your support.

On their journey to change the way people change the world, it was all too clear for roundCorner that nonprofits of all shapes and sizes have two problems in common. They’re challenged to access to the latest technology, and to obtain adequate resources to do the work that is necessary to bring about change.

roundCorner and the Charity Defense Council are changing these problems in hopes for a better world…

Countless nonprofit organizations, foundations and higher education institutions have built a new kind of relationships with constituents using roundCorner’s solution, improving fundraising efforts, staff efficiency and driving change. Prior to showcasing their solutions at Dreamforce this September, roundCorner announced to make a donation to the Charity Defense Council for every person visiting their booth during the event. To support the Charity Defense Council’s mission, and to underline that the great work they do is needed for each and every one.

By now, Dreamforce 2015 may seem like it was many moons ago to some. But roundCorner still has a vivid memory of the great success they had at this year’s conference. Their donation to the Charity Defense Council was well-received and appreciated in hopes other organizations will follow.

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