pledgeroundCorner exists to help nonprofits make the world a better place. Today we’re excited to announce that roundCorner takes the pledge to donate 1% of our employee time, product and equity to support the activities that enhance and serve communities in which we live and work and the issues that impact quality of life. By joining the Pledge 1% movement roundCorner commits to furthering our commitment to social impact and to those who are working to achieve a greater impact in the world every day.

In previous years, we have made efforts to donate well over a million dollars worth of our product to some of the nonprofit organizations we serve. Starting January 1, 2016 we will further our efforts by donating 1% of our employee time, allowing us to support the causes we care about most.

Shannon Davisson, roundCorner’s Vice of President of Talent & Organizational Strategy, says, “The intention is to participate in giving back and supporting the community, and to allow roundCorner’s employees to share in that effort. At the same time, roundCorner recognizes that participating in these sorts of activities enriches the lives of its employees. We really want to support our employees support the causes they care about the most.”

Pledge 1% founding partners include, Atlassian, and Rally, three companies that know first-hand how pledging a small portion of future success today can have an enormous impact tomorrow. In 2014, they came together with the Entrepreneurs Foundations of Colorado to accelerate a shared vision of every business around the globe integrating philanthropy into its corporate DNA.

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