By Kendra Carter

The roundCorner team is excited to announce an important product upgrade to our archival functionality. We will be releasing this upgrade early December.

Current customers know that archiving older data from the Salesforce environment into the roundData environment is a critical space (and budget) saver. The archival API package allows users to install and do basic configuration, which allows for the manual archiving data from certain child objects in Salesforce. As part of this process, we set up customer views of the data that users can access via NGO Connect and Salesforce.

We’ve received a number of requests to be able to do more with roundData. For example letting users query tables in roundData from NGO Connect or making table views that exist in roundData available for NGO Connect users. Or being able to archive data from custom child objects in NGO Connect. With the new API upgrade, all of this is possible for users, and more!

Some examples of what customers can do to make use of these new features:

  • Store prospect (finder) data in your data warehousing solution and configure the API search to query the prospect table.
  • Use the new write functionality to apply a no mail flag to records on the prospect table. Then produce acquisition no mail files for your mail house from this table.
  • Store the history of online actions in roundData. Then configure a view enabling users to see this from the account screen.
  • Search archived opportunity data by attributes other than Account or Contact ID.

We look forward to working with our customers to develop other use cases. As we do so, we will share more with our community.

About roundData

roundData is roundCorner’s operational data store and advanced analytics solution. It is designed to meet the complex analytic needs of NGO Connect and Advancement Connect customers. It provides organizations with a solution for archival/storage issues, complex segmentation, calculations, and underlying reporting data.

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